Baseball School Set

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Baseball School Set

Baseball set for school sports.
Consisting of: 1 vinyl base set, 5 pieces, 1 batting tee 51-90 cm, 1 wooden tee ball bat 66 cm, 1 aluminum baseball bat 76 cm, 10 10" baseball gloves for right-handed players, 10 12" baseball gloves, including 2 for left-handed players, 12 tee balls, and 1 super sports box.

A complete baseball set for young athletes. The junior school baseball set includes 36 parts.


A weatherproof baseball set for indoor and outdoor games - a basic equipment for every field.

- Material: Vinyl
- Color: white
- Weatherproof
- Easy to carry
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- Complete set for every field (5 pieces): 3 waterproof rubber bases, 1 home plate, 1 pitcher plate

1 Batting Tee 51-90 cm.

An ideal training device for baseball or softball games for school, for easy hitting of the ball. More details:

- Length: adjustable height (51 - 90 cm)
- Material: hard rubber
- Stable construction
- Easy to assemble and disassemble
- Specifically designed for hitting practice

1 Teeball bat made of wood, approx. 71 cm.
The sturdy Teeball bat is made of solid hardwood.

- Length: 28" (approx. 71 cm)
- Material: treated hardwood
- Color: natural wood with transparent lacquer coating

1 Aluminum baseball bat, approx. 76 cm.
The bat is made from an aluminum alloy and has a balanced weight distribution. It feels great in the hand, is durable, and has a fantastic design.

10 Baseball Gloves 10" for right-handed players

All-round baseball glove for right-handers, specifically designed for right-handed players, is ideal for leisure and hobbies. The inside and outside of the baseball glove are made of vinyl, comfortable, and have a size of 10". The size of the baseball glove refers only to the size of the catching area. The brown glove is large and has a deep pocket for catching the ball well.

The individual fingers of the modern catching glove are separated and not heavily padded to allow for good ball control. The webbing or catching pocket between the thumb and forefinger is not closed but grid-like to allow for better ball catching. The so-called basket web is a popular variation of the catching pocket.

10 baseball gloves 12", including 2 for left-handers.

8 all-round baseball gloves left-handed and 2 right-handed with an ideal size of 12" for teenagers and adults. The baseball glove is a must-have for the baseball team playing in defense. With the help of the glove, hits or passes from teammates are caught more easily. A sturdy catching glove protects against pain and injuries.

12 T-balls.

An ideal ball for beginners, students, or teenagers, for indoor and outdoor use.

- Diameter: approx. 7 cm/8.5"
- Inner material: rubber core with reinforced seams for better ball feel.
- Color: yellow.
- Waterproof.

1 super sports box.

A spacious plastic box for storing and transporting sports equipment.

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