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Spikey Massage Balls

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Anyone who thinks that a massage would not be possible without great effort is probably not familiar with spikey massage balls. The small, handy balls are napped all around or have fixed tips. By rolling the balls on the tense skin, e.g. over the back or the soles of the feet, and reflex zones are achieved similar effects as with a massage. This way, a wide variety of body regions can be treated and stimulated using self-massage. Spikey massage balls are available in numerous sizes and variations and they also differ in their individual degrees of hardness. The harder the spikey massage ball, the more the skin and muscles can be massaged and stimulated with it. Spikey massage balls are usually made of plastic. However, they are also available made of softer materials such as rubber. This type of spikey massage ball is filled with air and the degree of hardness can be regulated by means of air pressure.

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Spikey massage balls as an effective way of self-massage

How are spikey massage balls used?

A spikey massage ball can be used in different ways. Depending on which part of the body - for example the back - you want to work with it, one of the following three possible uses is recommended:

  • Place the spikey massage ball on the floor and lie down with your back on it
  • Move the massage ball between the wall and your back
  • Just take the ball in your hand and massage the parts of the back that can be reached by hand

After you have taken the respective position, you start with the stimulation of the body region to be treated with slight circular movements or by even rolling up and down over the palms of the hands. The different types of application each offer their own options for pressure build-up. In this way, you can exert a great deal of pressure with your own body weight when lying on the ground. With the hand, however, finer massages are possible. However, the intensity should not be exaggerated during the application, otherwise pain and injuries can result. General Tension or muscle tension can be released in this way.

Numerous areas of application for spikey massage balls

Whether in physiotherapy / therapy or in the form of a self-massage, spikey massage balls can be used for numerous treatment options. If you want to buy a spikey massage ball, you should also pay attention to the size of the ball. The larger the ball with pimples, the wider the surfaces can be massaged with it. For a selective pressure build-up, however, smaller-area balls are suitable. Here is a brief overview of what spikey massage balls can be used for:

  • Back massages
  • Foot massages
  • Increase in blood circulation
  • Reflexology
  • Grasping exercises
  • Treatment of the fascia

Even children can use spikey massage balls effectively, whereby the ball should have the correct diameter and the pressure during application must not be too great. You should also explain to children exactly how to use the spikey massage balls correctly. The children not only enjoy a light massage, relaxation, but also various exercises and games with the pimple balls. The little ones enjoy grasping exercises and haptic games most. Furthermore, the pimple balls are available in many trendy colors.