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Bell balls, also known as jingle balls or sound balls, are balls with an integrated bell. When the bell ball is in motion, it triggers tones that blind or visually impaired athletes can use to locate the ball. It is always important that the sound elements are clearly audible. Bell balls are offered in different sizes and designs and can therefore be used for both sport and therapeutic purposes.

  1. WV® Goalball
    WV® Goalball
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    Jinglin Ball
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    Handi Life® blind-soccer ball
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    WV Jingle GOAL BALL red
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    tanga sports® Bell Ball
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Bell balls for sport and therapy

For which sports are bell balls suitable?

The most popular sport that is played with bell balls is probably goalball. In this sport, which made it into the Paralympic program a long time ago, two teams of three blind players each face each other and try to throw the ringing match ball flat across the ground into the opponent's goal. The rubber balls used for this sport are made of hard rubber and have a diameter of 25 centimeters. This game not only improves coordination, but also senses training for everyone involved.

Bell balls have many openings, so-called sound holes in the outer skin, so that the tones of the rattles or bells can be heard by the players without any problem or can also be used for motor sensory exercises and perception games in all age groups. The strength and strength of the material is such that an unrestricted game is possible without any loss of quality or volume of the rattles.

Other areas of application for bell balls

Outside of sport, bell balls are also often used as a therapy requirement. The type of sound body and the size of the ball can vary. In this context, the bell balls are mainly used in exercise therapy with children. The playful element is usually in the foreground. Many of these balls are therefore made of a special foam which has good grip properties.