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Medicine balls are often associated with bad memories or experiences and written off as sports equipment by seniors. But it is a highly effective sports device for everyone! With us you will find a large selection of high-quality medicine balls that are suitable for every athlete and recreational athlete in the club, at school, in the gym or at home. Discover our medicine balls and try out an exercise or a workout with your arms straight with the medicine ball. You will immediately notice how effective a training or workout with a medicine ball is!

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What is a medicine ball?

The medicine ball is a very traditional sports device, which has experienced a real resurrection in recent years since its invention. The medicine ball is also called a weight ball and in its different versions the ball is part of the essential basic equipment of every fitness studio. In addition, the medicine ball is also a popular sports device for all fitness exercises at home. The highlight is that such a simple training device as medicine balls are so versatile and easy to use. Regardless of whether you focus on strength training, functional training, core training, cross training, rapid strength or dynamic exercises or training sessions at school, medicine balls can actually always be used and are very effective for the whole body in training (also when training in association with athletes of different sports). For the upper body as well as for legs, stomach or back, the medicine ball is very good for the whole body. In ball sports, such as handball, basketball or volleyball, the medicine ball is used for the targeted training of finger and arm muscles (e.g. when throwing), as well as for exercises to improve throwing and coordination. A medicine ball is designed as a full ball. This means that the ball is not inflated with air like many other balls. A medicine ball can also perform the function of dumbbells and thus medicine balls can be seen as a good alternative or addition to dumbbells.


Advantages of a medicine ball

The medicine ball is often underestimated. Because the ball stands out by the following advantages:

  • Strengthens the muscles or muscles of the entire body
  • Variety of exercise options for every workout (squat, exercises for legs, back, stomach or abdominal muscles, upper body)
  • The weight ball is suitable for everyone
  • Training of rapid strength and explosive strength, as well as strength training
  • Improvement of athletic performance and mobility of the body, especially fitness, through a weight ball workout
  • Fatburning


How is a medicine ball made?

The basic product or the classic medicine ball consists of genuine leather (cowhide). However, there are numerous other versions or models that are made of a different material. For example, there are great balls made of synthetic leather, plastic or cork. Leather balls (cowhide leather) have little jumping properties and are very stable. These medicine balls made of cowhide leather are particularly good for support exercises and are characterized by good grip properties of the surface and lie comfortably in the hand. Medicine balls made of plastic (plastic ball) or synthetic leather have good jumping properties, which is why bouncing exercises on the floor or against the wall are possible with this plastic ball (e.g. rubber). However, the disadvantage here is that these models or this ball (e.g. made of rubber) have a poor grip on the surface when sweaty hands. Cork medicine balls are not only recyclable, but are also particularly pleasant to the touch. In addition, the medicine balls are available in different colours, different diameters, sizes and with recessed grips. Medicine balls with recessed grips have an extended variety of exercises and are often used as kettlebells. Medicine balls with recessed grips are less suitable for catching exercises and impact exercises.


The choice of the weight of a medicine ball

Beginners in particular should start with medicine balls of lower weight (low weight class in kilograms). The light weight medicine balls should be used until the exercises work well and the technique is in place. Only then should you use heavy medicine balls (higher weight in kilograms). Especially when building muscle and speed training, technology is the be-all and end-all for achieving progress. Women should start with a medicine ball of 1 kg to 2 kg, the starting weight for men is between 3 and 5 kg.


Buying a medicine ball

Our medicine balls are all characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • High quality & durable
  • Resilient & robust
  • Different models or designs available in different weights (weight classes in kilograms), diameter & colours
  • Great surface grip
  • Medicine balls made of different materials (e.g. cowhide leather)
  • variety of exercises
  • Suitable for every level of performance, every application, every athlete
  • High quality processing or manufacturing
  • From well-known brands or manufacturers, such as Trial, Togu, Dynamax, Gymnic
  • environmentally friendly
  • Available with or without handles or recessed grips
  • Does not have to be inflated, but is a full ball
  • Some models can be bounced against the wall or on the floor