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To ensure that the players in water polo are not only well distinguished, but also well protected, water polo caps are mandatory. At Kübler Sport you will find high quality and stable water polo caps in various colors for thrilling water polo games.

Water polo caps: optimally protected and easily recognizable

Properties of the water polo caps

The water polo cap is one of the hallmarks of the rapid water team sport. The water polo caps are similar to a classic swimming cap: they cover the hair and lie close to the head. In contrast to swimming caps, water polo caps are made of synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester. Each team then has its own color so that it is always clear which player belongs to which team. In addition, all caps are numbered. The colors are defined in the rules of the swimming association: the home team usually plays with light caps (e.g. white), the guest team wears a darker color (e.g. blue). The goalkeepers of both teams wear a red cap and thus differ from the field players. In addition, the water polo caps should not only label the players, but also protect them. Each cap is equipped with integrated earmuffs that protect the player from head injuries. The caps must be worn on the head during the entire water polo game. Should a player lose his cap, he must put it back on the next time the game is interrupted. To prevent this from happening so often, players have to tie the water polo caps under their chin.

Buy the right water polo caps

In our range you will find high quality water polo caps that comply with the FINA and LEN regulations for water polo. The water polo caps are made of synthetic nylon and have stable and unbreakable earmuffs, so that the players are well protected even in the toughest matches. Water polo teams will find the right nylon water polo caps for both home and away games: our range includes both a white and a blue set.

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