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Wrestling Mats

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What the boxing ring is in boxing, the wrestling mat is in wrestling: It is indispensable in order to be able to practice the increasingly popular martial art wrestling.

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Wrestling mat - Indispensable equipment in wrestling matches

The wrestling mat as the center of the action

The martial arts mat is the area when wrestling where all the action with 2 wrestlers and the referee takes place. The area has a competition size of 10x10 meters and is covered by a tarpaulin. The struggle on the special flooring requires the greatest skill. The martial arts mats can be used for different weight classes and styles of wrestling / ground fighting.

A wrestling mat consists of two basic elements:

  • the actual wrestling mat
  • the mat blanket / mat cloth

What distinguishes a wrestling mat?

The actual wrestling mats are those mat elements that represent the ground for wrestling. If you want to buy a durable wrestling mat, you should make sure that the individual elements have a sealed, non-slip waffle base on the underside. This ensures the correct position and prevents the martial arts mat from slipping. In addition, the polyethylene elements are coated with PVC on the bottom and top to ensure easy cleaning and a long service life. The wrestling mat is made in the so-called sandwich construction. It thus offers high stability and perfect impact protection. The mat cover holds the individual mat elements together and is attached with a Velcro fastener. It marks the fighting area and is divided into the individual, circular zones, i.e. fighting zone, passivity zone and protection zone.

What is special about wrestling mats?

A wrestling mat is indispensable for training and competitions. Even among professional wrestlers, serious fall injuries could easily occur on a hard indoor floor, especially when the most important goal in wrestling is to win the shoulder or in freestyle. The shoulder win is defined by the fact that in the fight one of the two wrestlers gets on the ground and touches the competition area with both shoulders. The opponent then won the competition. Wrestling mats can be used in clubs for various martial arts or in school sports.

With wrestling mats, the padding and the degree of hardness of the foam used, as with judo mats, are very relevant. While judo mats are laid out openly and only have a non-slip underside, wrestling mats have an over tarpaulin and the Velcro fasteners on the side edges of the mats are connected to each other as well as possible.