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Basketball Facilities

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You will find a large selection of different high-quality basketball systems for indoor and outdoor use from well-known brands, such as Spalding. Our products not only appear in high quality, extreme stability, robustness and at a reasonable price, but are also ideal for professional, amateur and leisure basketball players. With these systems you are optimally equipped for a basketball game.

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High-quality and stable indoor and & outdoor basketball facilities

What kind of basketball facilities are there?

Basketball is a very popular sport or sport in Germany and this sport is also very often played in school sports or in the free time in the garden at home. Regardless of whether you play basketball in your free time, in a club as a professional or amateur player or in school sports, a basketball facility next to a ball is a fundamental element for a successful basketball game for this sport. There are basket systems for the indoor area and height-adjustable basketball facilities for the outdoor area. In the indoor area there are, for example, height-adjustable ceiling scaffolds and scaffolds for the wall without a stand with a projection and in the outdoor area you will find, for example, a mobile system with a stand that can be set up anywhere. A basketball facility consists of a goal board, a basket and a net.


Buying a basketball facility – What do I need to consider regarding a basketball target board?

When buying a basketball facility, you first have to consider where you want to set up the basketball system, because the location of the basketball system has an impact on the material or the nature of the target board. The target boards used in the hall (indoor) consist of MDF, GRP (both plastics) or transparent acrylic glass. It must also be noted whether the board must have an official line. All basketball goal boards in our shop have an official line. Target boards for outdoors (outdoors e.g. in the home garden) are made of weatherproof materials such as aluminium or powder-coated steel. When using basketball facilities in residential areas, you can also choose low-noise target boards. According to DBB and FIBA regulations, the size of an official board must be 180x105 cm. This board or basketball stand is also used in the NBA. The NBA is the American professional league in basketball.


Buying a basketball facility – What do I need to consider regarding the basketball basket?

In the basketball hoop, too, the installation location is crucial (outdoor or indoor). You can also differentiate between the following types or models of basket systems:

  • Basketball hoop with open or closed net eyelets & baskets with safety net fastening: You will find basketball hoops with 12-point fastening on the ring and versions with 8-point fastening on the ring.
  • Free-standing or fold-out: There are fixed basketball hoops that remain rigid during play and under load. Fold-out or fold-out baskets open or fold down by 30 degrees and swing back in the movements. With fold-out baskets, bent baskets or breaks in the target board are a thing of the past.

Buying a basketball facility – What do I need to consider regarding the basketball net?

Basketball hoops in the indoor area and sometimes also in the outdoor area are made of durable nylon. The nylon nets are white and very robust. The nets can also be used outdoors. However, in the outdoor area there are also particularly robust, weatherproof (also against water) and durable nets made of galvanized steel. Compared to a nylon net, this net is much more robust. These nets are often used in basketball facilities for streetball.


Buying a basketball facility – What do I need to pay attention to?

In addition to the described aspects and features of basketball facilities, you should also consider the safety of the systems when buying and using them. As with all sports equipment, a TÜV-certified safety or a TÜV or GS certification must also be guaranteed for basketball facilities. The safety aspect is particularly important when using the basketball stand with children.

Requirement regarding basketball facilities

Basically, the following requirements apply to basketball facilities, which you should note:

  • Up to a height of 2.9 meters, all corners and edges must be rounded, bevelled and padded
  • The basketball nets must be made in such a way that the basketball players cannot get caught on them
  • The basket ring must be firmly attached to the target board and its overhang must withstand a load of 1050 N. The basket may fold out a maximum of 30 degrees forwards when loaded
  • Freestanding basketball facilities in schoolyards, for example, should be particularly stable and there must be enough room to move around this basketball facility

Accessories for basketball facilities

As protection and accessories for basket systems you can get protective pads from us for e.g. Post. Some of these pads are even mandatory and must be attached to the basketball courts. The pillar protection pads are made of high-quality PE light foam and ensure ideal cushioning behaviour of the basketball system in indoor use. The upholstery is covered with a tear-proof tarpaulin material of high quality and has a Velcro fastener for opening. Discover the advantages of our stands, basketball stands and systems from brands such as Spalding for basketball and streetball. With these products you have even more fun with your children (also in the outdoor area e.g. on sand).