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Large selection of robust, stable and weatherproof streetball facilities with a projection and chain net or nylon net. Choose among others between mobile, stationary or height-adjustable streetball systems with GRP target board, which are suitable for use in the schoolyard, in public places in the community or city, on the grounds of clubs or sports facilities, on the edge of sports fields, as playground equipment, in the skate park, as well as in the Suitable leisure time in the home garden. You don't need a special streetball field for streetball, but the practice facility can be set up anywhere. Discover our sports equipment now!

Weather-resistant & robust streetball facilities

What is streetball?

Streetball is a variant of basketball on the street and is therefore often called street basketball. It is an outdoor variant of the (classic) indoor basketball, in which usually three against three players play on one basket. There is no special streetball field, but it is played freely on the street or other places from a streetball facility or a basketball facility. Streetball has become increasingly popular over the years and the 3x3 game is particularly popular with young people. The sports equipment streetball facilities consist of a very sturdy basketball stand, basketball hoop on a target board with nylon net or chain net and can be playground equipment or placed on public grounds of the municipality or city, in the skate park, at sports fields. There is always a need for a practice facility or a basketball game on a special outdoor basketball facility (streetball facility). Do you need advice on choosing a suitable streetball facility? Then feel free to contact us!


Rules in streetball

The rules in streetball are simpler than the classic basketball rules. The most important rule is fair play, fairness and tolerance. Movement in a streetball game trains conflict ability and coping with frustration and thus trains body (back) and head (tolerance & conflict ability). It is played without a referee and is particularly popular with young people in Germany. If necessary, a so-called court observer can be used, whereby this should be an adviser and not an arbitrator. Street basketball is very dynamic due to the small number of players, short attack times (12 seconds per attack) and half the field and offers greater flexibility than classic basketball. The rules in streetball are:

  • 2 teams with three players each, as well as substitutes
  • A coin toss is used to decide which team is the attacking team at the start of the game
  • For each attack on a basket, a team has an attack time of 12 seconds to score
  • The first possession of the ball is decided before the game by tossing a coin
  • Before a basketball success, at least two players of the attacking team must have had the ball
  • After each success in the basket, possession of the ball changes and the opposing team receives the street ball for the throw
  • After a basketball success, after fouls or after fouled players and failures or a ball loss, there is a miss from the two-point line. The streetball must first be checked behind this line
  • Fouled players announce the fouls, whereby fairness is expected at all times from the fouled player and opponent regarding the display of a foul. In jumping ball situations, the defender or opponent receives the streetball. Even a dunk or a time game is not allowed in street basketball
  • There is a point in a basket success
  • A game ends when a team has reached 16 points in the basketball game


Differences between streetball and basketball

The main differences between streetball and basketball are in the following aspects:

  • Number of players
  • Streetball in the outdoor area and basketball in the indoor area
  • Streetball is played without a referee
  • A basket at the streetball counts as one point
  • Streetball rarely plays for time, but rather for a certain number of points
  • In streetball, after changing possession, the ball should be passed under the attacking team at least twice before the basket attempt begins

Buying a streetball plant

Streetball facilities are basketball facilities for the outdoor area. Due to the fact that streetball facilities are used outdoors, the systems must be made of a robust, weatherproof and stable material. The streetball facilities in our shop consist of the majority of galvanized steel with a welded basketball stand. You can choose between mobile and stationary systems for streetball facilities. The target board of the streetball facility consists of GRP with a galvanized basketball hoop. The nets of the streetball facility are made of nylon or have a chain net. A chain net at the throat is particularly robust. In addition, numerous basketball stands are adjustable in height. When using a streetball facility, we recommend the use of protective pads (on the basketball stand) and depending on the model of the facility, the use of ground sleeves is recommended.


Advantages of Kübler Sport streetball facilities

Our streetball facilities are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Freestanding, mobile or stationary versions
  • Extremely weatherproof and weatherproof
  • Very robust and stable
  • Streetball facilities that are quick and easy to set up
  • Height adjustable models
  • Vandal-proof models
  • Easy attachment with ground sleeve

With our streetball facilities you make the right decision for use in your free time, on the sports grounds of clubs or sports facilities, in public squares or grounds or on playgrounds. Discover our large selection of streetball facilities and benefit from low prices.

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