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Outdoor Basketball Facilities

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In our shop you will find a large selection of high quality and robust basketball systems for the outdoor area. With these weatherproof basketball systems you are not only limited to the indoor area, but with these sports equipment you can comfortably play basketball outdoors in the school yard, on the playground, in public places of communities and cities, on the sports field of clubs or at home in the garden play. Discover our products for this team sport from great brands, at affordable prices, in high quality and with high security.

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High-quality & weather resistant outdoor basketball facilities

Outdoor basketball facilities – What types are there?

Basketball is a very popular team sport and ball sport in Germany. In the NBA and also in the professional league in Germany it is played indoors. Often you want to play team sport basketball not only in the hall, but also outside. It is not uncommon to see, for example, a basketball hoop hanging on a garage wall or house wall at home, or entire basketball facilities standing outdoors in the school yard, in public places or in an area next to the sports field of clubs. These basket systems invite for an outdoor basketball game and have to be particularly robust, as well as withstand wind, weather and heavy use.


Streetball – a type of outdoor basketball

There is also an official version of the outdoor basketball game. Streetball is a variant of basketball on the street and is therefore often called street basketball. It is an outdoor variant of the (classic) indoor basketball, in which mostly three players play against three players on a basketball hoop. There is no special streetball field, but it is played freely on the street or other places from a streetball facility or an outdoor basketball facility. Streetball has become increasingly popular over the years and the 3x3 game is particularly popular with young people.


What types of outdoor basketball facilities are there?

With basketball facilities outdoor you can differentiate between the stationary (fixed) and the mobile basketball facilities or basketball stands. Fixed systems or basketball hoops are particularly safe against vandalism and are therefore ideal for use in public areas. You can order the stationary or permanently installed basketball facilities either by mounting the basketball hoop firmly on the wall (backboard) or house wall or by means of anchoring with a ground sleeve. The height of an outdoor basketball system that is mounted with a ground sleeve can be adjusted. Compared to a fixed basketball hoop on a wall or house wall (backboard), the possible height adjustment of the basketball system with a ground sleeve is a clear advantage.


Mobile outdoor basketball facilities

In addition to the outdoor basketball facilities, which are fixed to a wall or fixed in place using a ground sleeve, there are mobile versions of the outdoor basketball facilities. These are particularly suitable for private use in the garden or on the street, but also for use in schools or clubs. The mobile outdoor basketball facilities or the stand or basketball stand are also height-adjustable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and some have the official dimensions of basketball. For this reason, some of the mobile basketball facilities can be used indoors and outdoors. Due to the height adjustment of the basketball stands, they can also be used very well by children and adolescents, as well as from any playing position.


Buying outdoor basketball facilities

When buying a basketball system, you have to choose between a mobile or a stationary one (ground sleeve or wall mounting). In addition, you have to include the outdoor location in your decision. Do you need a low-noise system? Our outdoor basketball facilities are characterized in part by particularly low-noise target boards or basketball boards, which is why the outdoor systems can also be used well in noise-sensitive places, such as residential areas.


Outdoor basketball facilities from Kübler Sport

Our outdoor basketball facilities all feature by the following advantages:

  • Extremely robust & weatherproof
  • Easy assembly & dismantling
  • High quality material (GRP, hot-dip galvanized steel) and high-quality processing
  • Nylon net or chain net
  • Height-adjustable stand or basket systems
  • Mobile and stationary models
  • Reduced noise effects when the ball hits the basketball board
  • Extremely hard-wearing
  • Great prices
  • High security

You will also find all accessories for outdoor basketball facilities, such as professional protective pads for the basketball stand in our shop. With the protective pads, you ensure sufficient security, especially playing the ball on the basket with children. Discover our large selection of products for playing on the board in the outdoor area or on basket systems from great brands at affordable prices. With these basket systems or sports equipment of high quality you are optimally equipped for playing basketball outdoors at home with children, in a club, at school, on playgrounds or sports fields! In our shop you will also find a large selection of different balls for basketball, as well as individual baskets and boards for every playing position.