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A box locker secures reliable personal valuables or materials. Whether for swimming pools, schools or gyms, thanks to a large selection of different box lockers in different sizes, you can find the right box locker for your needs here.

Box Lockers: The safe place for your valuables

Why are box lockers useful?

At school, in the outdoor pool, in the indoor pool or in the gym, but also in the changing room in the clubhouse or at the physiotherapist's: box lockers ensure that valuables can be safely stored away from clothing during sports or treatment. Box lockers are usually lockers with several lockable doors one above the other. The difference between lockers for clothes and box lockers are not only the size of the compartments, which is usually smaller in a compartment cabinet, but also the interior of the compartment. While a clothes locker has hooks for hanging clothes, a box locker only consists of one compartment with a shelf.

What needs to be considered when buying clothes lockers and box lockers?

When purchasing box lockers, the available space plays a role, but the total number of compartments required and, above all, the size of the individual compartments of the locker are also decisive. How many compartments fit on each other depends on their size. Cabinet units with compartments 51 cm high offer three compartments one above the other. However, if the compartments are only 37.5 cm high or just 29.5 cm high as in a small compartment cabinet, four or five compartments fit on top of each other. The size of the subject depends on the intended purpose of the locker: a locker for school or a sports facility usually has to be larger than a pure locker for valuables at the physiotherapist or in the swimming pool. If a motorcycle helmet has to fit in the locker, the standard compartment width of 23 cm is not sufficient. In our online shop you will find lockers with a width of 40 cm in addition to the lockers with a regular width. In addition, box lockers must be particularly stable and durable to withstand any break-ins.

Box lockers are characterized by the fact that they can be locked safely and reliably, and can be equipped with a number of different locking systems. Most box lockers can be locked with a cylinder lock and two keys as standard, however, rotary bolt locks can also be used in combination with your own padlock or equipped with a coin deposit lock with keys.

The doors of a box locker are made of sturdy solid sheet metal or steel. This guarantees that nobody can see which valuables are inside the locker. Therefore the risk of burglary is very low. The compartments are usually ventilated via a rear wall. You can also choose from a range of different colors for the doors, which harmonize with the light grey body. Different door colors enable, for example, a color separation of different areas such as different class levels, sauna and swimming area in the swimming pool or departments in the company.

Which locker is the right one for me?

In school there is not only a need for safe storage in the sports hall. Students can also easily and safely store painting utensils for art lessons and lesson materials that are not required every day in a locker. But the school bag also fits comfortably in the locker cabinet during the lunch break. It is important that the number of subjects is designed so that the students can easily reach all compartments of the subject cabinet. Larger compartment sizes are available for use as lockers in schools, e.g. with a height of 51 cm or 37.5 cm. So even a large school bag fits comfortably in the locker. The Resisto locker is ideal for schools thanks to its particular stability. With curved doors and a door opening limitation, this cabinet is absolutely safe from vandalism.

In the swimming pool there are usually large lockers for clothes as well as smaller box lockers. Box lockers are usually located in a location separated from the changing rooms and are designed to store valuables such as keys, wallets or cell phones. Since the swimming pool can be used in a damp room, good ventilation, e.g. sensible in the back wall.

Compartments of different sizes are suitable for gyms and clubs depending on the purpose of the locker. If it is only a matter of storing small valuables such as keys or money that should be securely locked in during training, box lockers with small compartments are sufficient. However, if the locker is to act as a small locker for other items such as bags or street shoes, larger compartments are required. If the locker is to be used like a cloakroom, however, larger changing rooms are available.

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