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Whether in the club, on the football field, the schoolyard or in the garden - wherever football is played and it comes to a shot on goal is a football goal indispensable. No matter in which size, whether mobile or stationary, fully welded or not, at Kübler Sport you will find the right models for training and games, schoolyard, football field or the local garden. Our football goals correspond to the prescribed goals of the football association. Buy now for a low price and discover our wide selection of products!

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What makes a good football goal?

Goal shot - scoring a goal is the goal and motivation of every football player. It goes without saying that not only a ball to play with, but also goals are needed. A good football goal is very stable and robust - after all, it has to endure a lot in training and match operations. Especially strong are fully welded gates, where the goal frames, goal posts, net hangers and floor frames are completely welded together. Weatherproof material such as aluminum is indispensable for outdoor doors, and the attachment for the goal net should be stable and UV-resistant.

Which goal size do I need?

Depending on the football field, age group or purpose of the football goal, different goal dimensions are used. The usual large field goals, which are used in the official game operation of the assets, have a standard size determined by FIFA and DFB. The internal dimensions of such a gate must be exactly 7.32 x 2.44 meters. The goal depth of the football goal is variable. In the field of youth teams smaller goals with the dimensions 5 x 2 meters are used. Doors of this size are also used in indoor football, but there are also small field gates with dimensions of 2 x 3 meters used. This size is usually the one used for goals on the football field. In addition, there are still small minitore in different sizes. These mini-goals, for example, have the dimensions of a hockey goal and are suitable, inter alia, for the schoolyard or as a gate for special firing exercises in football training. For the match in the private garden are also different sized training gates used, but not more than a small field goal.

Buy Transportable or Fixed Model?

No matter which goal size you choose, your football goal (also the training goal) must be secured against overturning in any case. In the goal anchoring one differentiates between two basic systems. Thus, the football goal can be firmly anchored in the ground using ground sleeves. Mobile, portable football goals must also be secured against overturning, but logically they have no ground anchoring. Depending on the goal size and goal depth, this must be done by a correspondingly heavy counterweight. How difficult this must be is specified in DIN EN 748:

Goal Type
Goal Dept
Youth soccer goal
1,0 m
200 kg

1,5 m
125 kg

2,0 m
100 kg
Full size goals
1,5 m
170 kg

2,0 m
100 kg

These anti-tip weights are integrated directly into the floor frame in the so-called safety gates, but there are also separate counterweights that you place on the bottom frame of the football goal. In addition to the weights prescribed in the DIN, the statutory accident insurance also stipulates an identification of such gates, which may e.g. indicating that it is forbidden to climb the football goal.

What to look for when buying a soccer goal?

In our assortment you find large field football goals in ground sleeves, as well as portable football goals. In the case of doors in floor sleeves, you have the choice between gates with hinged or fixed net hangers and gates with free suspension of the goal net without net hooks, the so-called stadium goals, as they are usually in the highest league games such. B. the Bundesliga are to be found. In addition, you will also find football goals with an innovative PlayersProtect floor frame. This has an impact protection and thus increased safety than conventional goals. Our mobile football goals are available with or without transport wheels or integrated counterweight.

Small field gates for the hall and the outdoor playing field can also be found in our assortment. In a small-field football goal, which you use in the hall, so-called safety screws for the anti-tilt device are provided. Our small field gates for outdoor use can either be firmly anchored on the pitch with ground sleeves or, thanks to transport wheels or plug-in systems, can be used on a mobile basis. Here you will also find 5 x 2 meter indoor football goals that can be quickly and easily dismantled using a trolley.

You can also equip your football field with the matching goals from our range. Bolzplatz goals must be particularly robust. Our football goals for the football field have a very stable frame and are weatherproof and vandalism proof. Here you can choose between stable Heavy Duty gate nets or frames made entirely of aluminum or steel.

What is a children's soccer goal?

In addition, you can also buy the matching football goal in mini format. These have a smaller goal frame. From gates in hockey size and street gates on folding or pluggable football goals to inflatable gates, Po-Up gates or a football goal in the size of 3 x 1.50 meters you will certainly find with our minitors. Minitore are also the perfect leisure gates for children as they can be comfortably stored in the home garden. Even with minors you have to provide a sufficient anti-tilt device, which is why you will find the right safety weights with us. In addition, we have different goal walls available. Goal walls provide great fun for children, but also for professionals. With goal walls football players practice the shot on goal. With us you will also find gate walls as tarpaulin, which can be attached with net hooks to the posts and the gate frame in the net.

Which football goal suits youth teams?

You also buy your soccer goal for the youth teams with us. In our assortment you will find high-quality mobile youth goals with anti-tip device and transport wheels, as well as goals in ground sleeves for youth teams and even a swiveling youth goal. All goals for youth teams are stable, fully welded and therefore very durable.

Buy now the matching football goal at reasonable prices from various manufacturers with us and in high quality and stability. Here you will find various models at gates, as well as other products in football. With the right balls from our assortment everyone plays his shots in goal.