Soccer Goals for Children

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If you want to become a big soccer star, you have to practice early. But no matter whether as training or just for fun, there is another essential component of playing soccer in addition to the ball: soccer goals. So if you want to please your soccer -loving children, you will surprise them with a children's soccer goal.

Soccer goals for children for play, fun and training

What do I have to look out for with a children's soccer goal?

A soccer ball is a standard part of every household with children. Corresponding children's goals for soccer are, however, a highlight in every garden. But clubs and schools also use children's goals to promote a targeted and coordinated game at an early stage and thus achieve a corresponding training effect. Soccer goals for children are specially designed to meet the needs of the little ones, with the focus on having fun and having fun for the children. A children's goal does not therefore have to comply with the general guidelines of FIFA. When choosing the goals, however, there are a few essential points to consider so that the children not only have a lot of fun with them, but also ensure maximum safety.

  • The size of the gates should be adapted to the age of the children. Soccer goals that are too small or too large can really spoil the fun of the game for the children.
  • On safety devices, such as padding over the housing, ie. Even over posts and laths, or rounded edges, should be considered especially for the little ones. A corresponding anchoring system for stability can also be attached to larger goals. In this way you can reduce the risk of injury to a minimum.
  • A children's soccer goal must be robust and withstand the hustle and bustle of the little ones. Both the tubular frame and the fine-meshed goal net should have a certain resistance so as not to break after the first use.
  • When it comes to rain and other types of weather, the children's soccer goals and the net should of course be weatherproof or weatherproof. After all, as a parent you don't want to have to clear away the soccer goal every time the weather changes.

Different versions of children's soccer goals

In addition to the size, there are also differences in the material properties of the children's goals. Above all, the frame can differ fundamentally in the various models in terms of material and structure and consist either of rods, powder-coated steel tubes or plastic. Inflatable goal frames and so-called pop-up goals, which automatically move into the correct position thanks to special rods, are also available (including anchoring). When deciding which variant is the best, the intended use and the installation effort play an important role. If you want to take the soccer goal for children with you on your travels regularly, you won't have much fun with an elaborate assembly. The focus here should be on a simple structure, good, space-saving portability and possibly a special carrying bag. If, on the other hand, the goals remain permanently in the same place, the main focus should be on the robustness and weather resistance of the small-field goals or mini-goals.

Special soccer training through shot holes

As with a goal wall, you can also make appropriate shot holes in soccer goals for children. In this way, targeted shooting training and fun children's competitions can be organized. This is not only great fun, but also improves the shooting accuracy of the little ones. It also brings variety to the training.

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