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A goal wall or goal wall shooting is not only a great change in soccer training, but also ensures a lot of fun for adults and children at events, in sports lessons at school, in the school playground or in leisure time at home. In our shop you will find a large selection of different high quality soccer goal walls. Discover this sports equipment or game and simply order the goal wall online in the Kübler Sport online shop. Who needs the fewest attempts to score?

Buying a robust and high-quality soccer goal wall

Goal Wall – Great equipment for training and leisure

Not only footballers, but also recreational athletes or athletes from other sports love playing on a soccer goal wall. With a goal wall, both children and adults will find a lot of fun, variety and train their marksmanship, as well as your skill with the ball. You can either play in a group or individually. The question always applies: Who will be the first to score a goal into the shot hole in the upper corner of the goal wall? Compared to classic soccer goals, the soccer goal wall is suitable for an even better training of targeted shots and techniques. This training on a goal wall is not only limited to the game of football and thus footballers, but also to athletes from other ball sports, such as handball.


What are soccer goal walls for?

There are different versions of goal walls. Because this product can vary in terms of its material, structure and dimensions. The solution with the cheapest price is a tarpaulin made of tarpaulin or PVC. This goal wall tarpaulin or goal tarpaulin is simply attached to a soccer goal or a handball goal or net in the lawn by means of plastic tabs, rubber ties or earth hooks or earth anchors. You can also find accessories for fastening, such as earth hooks or chip rubber, in our shop. When attaching to free-standing goals, the goals must always be attached and fixed so that the construction can withstand the shots with the ball. The tarpaulins are also printable. Of course there are also “complete”, weatherproof steel goal walls that do not have to be attached to a goal or net and are single. These resemble a plate. In addition, a goal wall can be constructed differently and have more shot holes or holes or fewer shot holes or holes, as well as smaller shot holes (handball) with a smaller diameter or larger shot holes (football) with a larger diameter. You should always pay attention to the purpose of the wall (which ball sport or which ball should be used for the goal wall). The dimensions of a goal wall can also vary depending on the application. For example, the size of a goal wall tarpaulin is always based on the size of the goal in which the tarpaulin is to be attached.


Buying the right goal wall for any use

Goal walls can be used on the school yard or any outside area, we recommend a standalone steel goal wall. Because these products are extremely robust, stable, weatherproof and can be concreted into the ground, whereby these soccer goal walls are secured against vandalism. The struts on the rear wall or the center struts and the frame are also very durable. In addition, the steel or aluminum goal walls in our shop comply with the current DIN / EN 1176-1 standard. Our wall or plate made of steel or aluminum for goal wall shooting shows no signs of rust. We recommend a removable tarpaulin gate wall for mobile use, for example in training or school sports. A goal wall made of tarpaulin fabric can be dismantled and thus quickly assembled and disassembled and proves to be a great training device. The goal wall tarpaulin is available in different colors. The goal wall tarpaulin and the goal wall made of steel are both available in different versions (e.g. number of shot holes or inflatable version). All versions or front panels withstand a high pressure of the shots.


Buying a soccer goal wall

Regardless of whether it is a stable goal wall for use in a club, goal wall shooting in the home garden, on the football field or in school sports, you will definitely find the right goal wall or tarpaulin for your purpose with us. Our goal walls are not only characterized by high quality and are extremely stable & robust, but you can order the goal walls for goal wall shooting online at great prices. You can find any additional equipment, from ground anchors, chip rubbers to ground hooks, in our online shop.

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