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Football players also feel comfortable indoors. Indoor soccer is faster and faster than its original on the pitch and that's why it is so popular. At Kübler Sport you will find indoor soccer goals and the right accessories for your sports hall, club or school sports.

Indoor soccer goals: for exciting games under the hall roof

What is the difference between indoor soccer and futsal?

Football is an outdoor sport, but people like to kick in the hall, especially in winter. Indoor soccer fans can play either indoor soccer or futsal. The difference between the two is mainly the ruling of the field and some differences between the futsal or soccer rules and the goals. Both types of football take place on a field measuring approximately 20 x 40 meters. Indoor soccer is played with a large part of the "normal" soccer rules and with regular soccer or indoor soccer covered with felt, but often with gangs on the sides of the field. In indoor football, however, there is no offside and free kicks must always be taken directly. There are also time penalties. Futsal has some different rules (e.g. for passports or fouls) and its own ball that does not jump as well and makes long-range shots more difficult. Futsal is also the official hall variant of FIFA. While indoor football can also be played with a gang instead of a side line, futsal must always be played without a gang. The goals of futsal and indoor soccer are not necessarily the same. In futsal, 2 x 3 m (handball goals) are played on small field goals. However, the size of an indoor soccer goal may vary: indoor soccer goals may be either three or five meters wide, but the goal must always be two meters high. This means that indoor football can be played on small field goals or handball goals as well as on youth goals. For safety reasons, the hall gates, regardless of whether they are small field gates or youth gates, must be anchored in the hall floor or provided with sufficient anti-tipping devices (e.g. counterweights). Indoor soccer is much more common than futsal in amateur sports and school sports, both clubs like to use both variants as additional training for precise goal shots, flanks or passes due to the smaller field and the smaller indoor goal in tournaments.

Buy indoor soccer goals

In our range you will find both our robust indoor soccer goals and the necessary accessories for transporting and storing the soccer goals in the hall. Since the shots in the hall often come with greater force on the goal due to the shorter shooting distances, the stability of the hall goals is particularly important: When buying an indoor soccer goal, you should therefore pay attention to a stable construction, for example with reinforcement angles at the corners or special profiles Keep the goal frame and net hoops long, even with tight free kicks or penalty kicks, from a distance of a few meters. For this reason, the goal nets of a hall gate should also be particularly stable. Our indoor soccer goal consists of particularly stable special aluminum profiles and a steel reinforcement bracket on the goal frame gives the indoor soccer goal even more stability. Due to the foldable net bracket, the hall gate can be stored in the hall to save space. The goal net is hung in between with net hooks. Accessories such as a transport scooter and a transport trolley, on which a folded hall gate easily finds place, ensure easy transport of the football goal. To prevent tipping, all our soccer goals for indoor soccer can be fastened to the floor of the hall with security screws, but the goals can also be equipped with a construction made of separate counterweights.

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