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We have a large selection of fully welded football pitch goals made of aluminum or steel. The Bolzplatztore for the schoolyard, football field, club or the local garden are robust, durable and vandalism-proof. Our football field goals are the ideal solution for schools, schoolyards, municipalities and public parks, sports fields, leisure areas, sports facilities and a playground.

Stable, sturdy and durable high quality football goal doors

Large selection of football field goals with optimal stability

We offer you the optimal solution for your soccer field, sports field or your sports facilities to play football, no matter whether it is football goals with a floor frame or goal frame made of aluminum (according to DIN standard) and net hoops or soccer goals made of steel with a goal wall and regular distance from the strut to the football and should be ball catching, in our shop we have the right Bolzplatztor for every requirement. You will also find Kleinfeldtore as Bolzplatztore or Streethockeytor.

Execution of a football goal: aluminum or steel?

In general, football goals made of aluminum and steel differ in terms of their weight and in their corrosion / weather resistance. Aluminum is much lighter (weight advantage i.v. 3: 1) than the thick-walled steel or the steel insert. Aluminum usually has a corrosion advantage over untreated steel. However, since our football pitch goals are hot-dip galvanized with steel insert, so treated so that they are protected against corrosion, there are actually noticeable differences in terms of durability at the Bolzplatztoren. Nevertheless, the Bolzplatztore aluminum can score in terms of their weight. In general, all our Bolztore are fully welded, so the highest stability and a vandalismicherer handling can be guaranteed.

Gate dimensions: the right size for every sport!

Our football field goals are available in different sizes. The classic among the Bolzplatztoren is the 3x2 m Bolzplatztor with a construction of a round tube in completely welded execution. Say, instead of a goal net here Alu.-struts are integrated as a goal wall for ball catching and as a back wall, so that these football goals look extremely robust and durable. The rear construction (rear wall) made of round tube has a strut distance of, for example, 88 mm with a thick-walled profile. For the posts or the door slat you can choose between an oval profile or round tube profile of 120x100 mm or a square profile of 80x80 mm and a rectangular profile. The completely welded gates also have the option of welding a basketball attachment to the goal, so that two birds are killed with one stone and it is a sensible additional option for public spaces. Speaking of public places: Our completely welded Bolzplatztore are TÜV tested according to DIN EN 15312 manufactured (standard for freely accessible multi-sports equipment). As a further standard variant of the Alu-Bolzplatztore, the sizes 5x2 m are available from Kübler Sport, optionally also with square or oval profile. A further option is fully welded Mini-Bolzplatztore or Streethockeytore in the program. Streethockeytore are, as the name suggests for the Streethocky game used. It's a kind of "street football". The mini-football field goals or Streethockeytore are available in the sizes 120x80 cm or 180x120 cm. Another very popular variant is the BOLZplatztore SPEZIAL. These football goals have no aluminum struts, but here - usually - anti-vandalism net hung. This variant is available in 3x2m as well as in 5x2m.

Secured against tipping?

A very important aspect is the tilting safety at football pitch goals. Generally always, but especially with freely accessible places, the gates must be secured against overturning. There are different options for our football field goals: the most common ones are so-called ground anchors for setting in concrete and thus for ground anchoring to the bottom frame of the football field goal. These are embedded in the underground by welded tabs in the gate. The tabs and the ground anchoring prevent overturning. Another option is to order the Bolzplatztore in the variant for adjusting in ground sleeves (normal standard product in the Kübler Sport range). This also ensures that goals can not fall over.

Discover our wide selection of football field goals with or without goal net for a great price. In our shop you will find everything from DIN-certified football field goal as a small field goal with net & net hoop (in the rectangular profile) to the football goal as Streethockeytor with Bodenbefestigung and ground sleeves. With these Bolzplatz gates and Streethockeytore you will certainly find fun in every game in the schoolyard, playground or recreation area.

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