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In the Kübler Sport online shop you will find various ball compressors and correspondent accessories. With the ball compressors, each ball can be inflated quickly and without great physical effort. Discover our diverse range of ball compressors now!

Resilient & maintenance-free ball compressors for schools, sport clubs and therapy practices

Discover ball compressors

Wherever balls are used, such as in schools, clubs, day care centers or therapy practices, a ball compressor offers powerful and fast support. The high-performance compressor can also fill a tube, such as a bicycle tire in various tube lengths, with compressed air. A ball compressor inflates all balls quickly and easily without great physical effort, such as with ball pumps. With different essays it doesn't matter whether it is e.g. is a soccer ball or a pezzi ball. Because there are different valve needles. You can also find the right valve needle and other items for your ball, such as for valves or needles or pumps for footballs, in our shop. The compressor reliably fills balls with pressure. Depending on your needs, you will find ball compressors of various types in our online shop (e.g. with or without an air pressure gauge) that are suitable for private use and for use in schools and clubs.

Advantages of a ball compressor compared to a normal ball pump

The ball compressor is used wherever many balls have to be inflated in a short time. You can also control the pressure in the ball at any time with the pressure indicator and the air pressure meter of the ball compressor, which ensures controlled inflation of the ball. With a ball compressor and the right valve needles or the right attachment or nipple for the membrane in question, not only is the ball inflated within a few seconds, but you hardly need any physical effort due to the high-performance compressor. Everyone feels like a professional when pumping with a ball compressor. Because pumping with the ball compressor is not physically comparable to pumping with an air pump.

Buying a durable ball compressor

In our online shop you will find a large range of ball compressors, as well as all accessories for inflating balls:

  • Hand compressor
  • Membrane compressor
  • Compressors with an adapter solution
  • Foot Pump

All compressors are characterized by their performance and ease of inflation. With these ball compressors, every ball, but also bicycle tires in different tube lengths or other items with a tube are easily and completely inflated, making egg-shaped balls a thing of the past!

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