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Netball Post

The height-adjustable netball stand with stand (adjustable height from 175 - 265 cm) is made of steel tube, very stable, particularly stable by struts made of solid material and thus suitable for hall netball. The light basket size corresponds with 55 cm the official rules for netball. The netball stand is supplied with a basket net made of 3 mm thick polypropylene.

In the netball sport, the game organization is organized by the national associations or by the DTB (German Gymnastics Federation). Netball is a very classic variation from the North American basketball. There is both Hall netball and field netball (playing field 50 x 25 m). In Hall netball the field is 30 x 15 meters and there are German championships since 2006. The basket (basketball stand) has a diameter of 55 cm and is located at a height of 2.50 meters. There is no board like basketball. The Korbball can vary in size from 56 to 60 cm and must weigh between 400 and 500 g. A big difference to the basketball is that there is a basketball player on your own basketball stand, which is allowed to intercept the thrown balls from the opposing team. In basketball, this prohibits the so-called Goaltending rule.
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60 cm
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60 cm
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176 cm
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