Basketball Stand

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Basketball Stand

This basketball stand variant is especially suitable for field basketball, as it has a plug-in spike for soft surfaces such as grass. The height of the basketball stand is not adjustable. The basket size corresponds to the official rules for basketball with a diameter of 55 cm and has a 3 mm thick polypropylene net.


- Material: Steel
- Length: 2.50 cm
- Hoop size: 55 cm
- Length of insertion spike: 30 cm
- Includes net: 3 mm thickness, polypropylene

What is Korbball?

The aim of Korbball is to throw more baskets as a team than the opposing team - actually just like in basketball. Nevertheless, the two sports differ considerably. The most important difference: Korbball players play without a backboard behind the basket - so the aim must be hit precisely. Through the rules of stepping and bouncing, individual runs are severely restricted by dribbling. This gives teamwork an above-average importance. Passing, catching, running, and throwing are the most important technical elements and cornerstones of every Korbball game. These can be practiced and implemented through play already in early childhood. The size of the Korbball can vary between 56 and 60 cm and must weigh between 400 and 500 g. Another major difference to basketball is that in Korbball, there is a basket keeper at the own Korbball stand who is allowed to catch the thrown balls from the opposing team.

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