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Fitness and Functional Training: Slings, Blackroll or Cross Training - the latest fitness trends at Kübler Sport

Functional Training or Functional Fitness is very popular among fitness sports athletes at the moment. It is a holistic training concept focusing especially on free courses of motion. You will not find isolated movements at sequences of functional training. Functional training does not train single muscles; the whole body is always included in the movement. You will no longer be on the ropes with the Sling Trainer, in fact you will be on the slings and you will train with the help of your own body weight. Due to the free suspension of the sling trainer system you need strength, coordination and flexibility skills at the same time and you easily activate and train your core muscles. The fascia roll is also one of the latest training equipment. You can easily activate your fascia tissue before exercising with the blackroll. After an intensive training you can release your fascia with the rolls to support the regeneration. Functional training has already been established in the fitness scene. Functional training has turned to a necessary or even important part in the training routine of an ambitious athlete. Even the German National Soccer Team goes functional to stay in shape. Furthermore, functional training is included in team sports’ training such as handball, basketball or ice hockey, tennis or athletics - everybody is exercising functionally. Kettlebells, sling trainer, blackrolls, barbells, medicine balls and even typical Cross Training equipment such as battle ropes and core bags - you will find everything you need regarding functional training and fitness at Kübler Sport.

Fitness: Workout devices for strength training or cardio training - for your training at home, for semi-professional purposes or for use in fitness centre

Besides the classical cardio training with exercise machine, ergometers, crosstrainers or ellipticall ergometers and of course on the treadmill, strenght training is getting more and more popular. Fitness has already become a very popular leisure sport and has just passed by the old-fashioned gymnastic exercies. Kübler Sport workout devices are labled corresponding to their use: you can find machines for home use in the category "Home Training". Machines for fitness areas at hotels or for ambitious athletes are labled as "Semi-professional". Professional machines are adequate for permanent use at fitness centers. We will also meet your every need with regards to strength training. In case you need a small dumbbell or a medicine ball or sling trainers you will find whatever you need in our online shop. We also have a various range of different barbell disksand barbell bars, kettlebells and also the whole range of the swedish market leader of weigthlifting equipment ELEIKO. Please find also multi-trainingsstations in our online shop. Our online shop category fitness will satisfy all your needs for sure.

In the following you get a short overview of our products and equipment belonging to the category fitness and functional training:

  • Aerobic
  • Mats
  • Strength training
  • Sling training
  • Cardio training
  • Weightlifting