Barbell discs, barbell bars, kettlebells, sling trainer - Strength training: Dumbbells for tough workouts in fitness centers, sports clubs and for home use

Strength & Stamina

Strength training: Dumbbells and weights for tough workouts in fitness centres, sports clubs and for home use

Strength training nowadays is not only about improving the maximal power and getting big, huge muscles. Strength training and the workout with dumbbells and barbells is no longer just the sport of bodybuilders - it has also become a leisure and amateur sports routine. In leisure sports, the main aim of these workouts is not to get big muscles. The aim of strength training in leisure and amateur sports is to reduce malposition, to strengthen the muscles, improve stamina and above all make you feel good in your own body. Kübler Sport has various dumbbells in different weight versions for your training in the gym or for workouts in group fitness courses. A group fitness course program that is part of every course schedule of every sports club is Body Pump or Iron Power. The participants have to pull the barbell bars up and down, do squats and push-ups and they are supported by good music to take the workout on a higher level, and thus improving both, strength and stamina. For your Iron Power course program you find the adequate barbell bars and barbell discs in our online shop in the category strength training. The latest trend in the fitness scene is functional fitness. For functional training you often use workout equipment like barbell bars and barbell discs and of course kettlebells and medicine balls or weight bags. With the kettlebells or with weight bags, you transfer free and complex moving sequences of daily life to your functional fitness routines. In this way you strengthen muscle loops and not only single muscles, as well as your stamina. The sling trainer improves the coordination of the muscles - the ideal home fitness strength training, since you neither need a lot of space nor spent a lot of money for this training equipment. Have a glance in our online shop and find your equipment for your strength training at home or in the fitness centre or even in sports clubs.

Cross Training equipment or fitness stations - strength training by Kübler Sport is effective

The strength training product range of Kübler Sport includes equipment for the personal training sector and as well for the group fitness courses. We have abdominal trainers, back trainers, adjustable benches and fitness stations. Training frames and chinning bars or racks can be equipped with sling trainers and to allow a very interesting training routine. Of course you can also use them for your chinning training.

Here a short summary of the main products in the category strength training::

  • Dumbbells
  • Barbell discs
  • Barbell bars
  • Kettlebells
  • Abdominal- and back trainer
  • Weight benches
  • Fitness-stations
  • Medicine balls
  • Medicine ball rebounder
  • Pulley systems
  • Wall bars

The enormous product range of Kübler Sport is completed by various accessories: Medicine balls, medicine ball rebounder, weight cuffs, pulley systems, wall bars and plyoboxes. Everything you need and you ever wished for regarding workout accessories.