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A six pack is the dream of many people. The so-called abdominal trainers are very helpful training devices for abdominal exercises. In our shop you will find a large selection of different ab trainers in high quality and at reasonable price. Discover the right abdominal trainer now and buy easily online in our shop!

Large selection of effective ab trainers

What is an ab trainer?

Many would like to have a six pack. Because defined abdominal muscles support and stabilize the back (in order to avoid back pain), as well as the middle of the body, the upper body and the core . Good abdominal muscles support the entire body and ensure an upright posture. For an effective training of the muscles on the abdomen and building muscle, you must stimulate and train the straight, oblique, transverse and outer muscle groups of the abdomen (abdominal training). So-called abdominal trainers are very helpful training equipment and part of the basic equipment of every fitness studio. Back trainers or equipment for the legs can also have a positive effect on the abdominal muscle.

The different types of abdominal trainers

A distinction is made between the following models and designs of ab trainers, which are based on the respective training level or level of performance of the athletes. Floor trainers or crunch trainers are especially effective for beginners. With power rollers, exercise wheels or abdominal rollers, you can determine the training intensity, depending on your fitness level. For an advanced training you can use abdominal training stations (e.g. the abdominal bench), where you can individually train your abdominal muscles with an adjustable weight resistance. In addition, the following abdominal trainers are available in our shop:

  • Stretching bars
  • Pull-up & dip stations
  • Dip bars
  • Core trainer
  • Core and rotation trainer
  • Power wheels
  • Abdominal benches

Most abdominal trainers can be easily used at home and to store.

Buying great ab trainers

The ab trainers in our range are characterized by by the following advantages or properties:


  • Robust & resilient
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely durable
  • High quality materials
  • Variety of exercises possible
  • Effective, but also gentle training on the floor for the entire body
  • Low weight of the non-stationary devices
  • Great price
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