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If you want to train your upper body, shoulders and arms effectively, you should definitely use a weight bench as a training device. Such a bench can be used for a versatile and diversified training with free weights, for example with barbells or dumbbells. Due to the extensive application possibilities, the training can be adapted precisely to the respective needs.

The weight benches - diversified training with countless usage possibilities

The weight bench as a support for effective muscle training

The weight bench supports targeted strength training in which the individual muscle groups, e.g. the chest muscles are particularly effectively exercised both through compound exercises such as bench press and isolation exercises. In addition, the exercises for muscle training can be carried out correctly and gently with the help of an appropriate bench, as these fix the back and thus avoid unwanted stress. This in turn protects the back and prevents a hollow back during training. Whether for at home, for school or the club, weight benches enrich the equipment of every fitness room.

Types of weight benches

When making a purchase decision for the appropriate training bench, it should be taken into account which training exercises are to be carried out and which requirements are necessary for this. If you want to buy a weight bench, you can basically choose from three different variants:

  • the flat bench
  • the incline bench
  • the multifunctional bench

Which weight bench do I need for my exercises?

The classic pusher bench consists of a straight lying surface, which is supported by stable feet. The lying surface usually offers no adjustment options and no moving parts. For this reason, it is characterized by excellent stability and robustness. Above all, the chest muscles, back and arms are ideal for training. The flat bench offers optimal training conditions for the so-called bench press, which is why it is also known as a press bench.

Since this dumbbell training involves working with very high weights, the stability of the flat bench is of great importance. The negative bench, on the other hand, consists of two parts, a seat and a backrest. The incline of the backrest to the seat can be adjusted so that the upper parts of the body can be targeted. In addition, the incline bench can be set at a negative angle for further exercises. The incline bench is not quite as stable as a flat bench, but it is perfectly adequate for the ambitious hobby bodybuilder. In many cases, the inclined benches can also be folded up and stowed away to save space.

Multifunctional weight bench versus multi-gym

A multifunctional weight bench is an adjustable training bench which, however, has some additional features for further exercise options. For example, a multifunctional weight bench can be equipped with a leg curler / / leg curl / leg extension or a pulley system for arm exercises. In contrast to a multi-gym, which combines a large number of different training devices, a multifunctional weight bench requires relatively little space. In addition to the various devices, a multi-gym usually also includes a corresponding fitness bench, but it also takes up more space.

Buying a weight bench - What should you look out for?

If you want to buy a training bench, you should consider a few other points in addition to the type of bench. Since heavy weights / dumbbells are often used during muscle training, the safety aspect plays an essential role. Your own training needs and exercise preferences should also be taken into account when making a purchase decision, because after all, the selected training device should help you achieve your personal goals. The following points must be taken into account when buying a weight bench:

  • A stable construction: In order to minimize the risk of injury, the bench should be stable, consist of a stable frame construction and be of high quality.
  • Note the possible total weight: As the training success increases, you will also train with heavier and heavier weights. In order not to exceed the maximum permissible total weight of the training bench after a few months and thus risk the stability of the bench, the individual training goals should also be included in the purchase decision.
  • The personal training concept: This determines which muscle groups are trained and consequently the type of exercises. The exercises must be compatible and feasible with the corresponding weight bench.

Possible accessories for weight benches

A training bench alone does not make a bodybuilder. Although isolated exercises can be carried out with pure body weight, this is certainly not the point and purpose of a weight bench. The main accessories of course consist of weights and the associated dumbbell bars. Depending on which exercises are being performed, you should buy two dumbbells and one barbell for a training bench. It should be noted that the severity of the weights should not only be tailored to the muscle training, but also to the weight bench. In addition, a rack can make sense as a weight rack or for other weights / weight plates. Such an acquisition, also as a barbell rest, is usually indispensable, especially for advanced bench presses.

Weight benches with weights

A training bench with weights is particularly useful if you want to take full advantage of the training possibilities. With the supplied weights you can train well for a while and the barbell bars are usually perfectly matched to the corresponding weight bench. Even if the bench can be set up to save space and possibly even folded up, you should note that the associated dumbbell set also takes up its space. The exercise options for training are diverse and offer beginners a lot of fun, variety and a corresponding training success. The favorites include the bench press, the concentration curls, the incline bench press and the fly. Basically, beginners should start their training with low weights. The more weights and weight units you have, the more you can individually design your training. The weight increase should not be too great, especially for beginners. This is the only way to ensure that the training is effective and safe and that the user can get used to the exercises on the weight bench.

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