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Balance Trainer

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Athletes use balance trainer to improve their balance, stability and strengthen muscle groups that can only be addressed through very targeted coordination training and strength training with the help of balancing on exercise equipment. The devices are versatile, can be integrated directly into individual exercises, for example push-ups, and at the same time protect the joints.

  1. Gibbon® INDOORGYM-Set
    Gibbon® INDOORGYM-Set
    Soon available again
  2. Hovoboard®
  3. Terrasensa® Strucre Floor Plate
    Terrasensa® Strucre Floor Plate
    Immediately available
    Out of stock
  4. Balance bow
    Balance bow
    Only a few left in stock
  5. MFT® Challenge Disc 2.0
    MFT® Challenge Disc 2.0
    Only a few left in stock
  6. BOSU® Balance Trainer NexGen
    BOSU® Balance Trainer NexGen
    Soon available again
  7. Togu® Dynair® Walker
    Togu® Dynair® Walker
    While stocks last
  8. Togu® Dynair® Pads Vein Trainer SENSO
    Togu® Dynair® Pads Vein Trainer SENSO
    Only a few left in stock
  9. SlackBar
  10. pedalo® foot trainer
    pedalo® foot trainer
    Immediately available
  11. Pedalo® Surf
    Pedalo® Surf
    Only a few left in stock
  12. Half-Ball Dynamic
    Half-Ball Dynamic
    Immediately available
  13. Fitness cube FITW
    Fitness cube FITW
    Only a few left in stock
  14. Togu® Jumper
    Togu® Jumper
    Only a few left in stock
  15. pedalo® Stabilizer Professional
    pedalo® Stabilizer Professional
    Soon available again
  16. pedalo® Pro-Pedes
    pedalo® Pro-Pedes
    Only a few left in stock
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Balance trainer to optimize body awareness

Who is using the balance trainer profitably?

The balance board is the most popular form of the balance trainer and a sensible purchase for all providers in the fitness and health sector. This of course includes fitness and weight studios. Sports clubs, however, benefit from investing in this piece of sports equipment, as do employers who want to give their employees the opportunity to do some sport and exercise in the break room.

Which is the right trainer for me?

The following different device types are available for this area:

  • Balance board: The classic balance board is basically a wobble board or a seesaw on which the user has to keep his balance.
  • Foot rollers: The foot rollers offer the feet intensive and varied training stimuli. They are suitable for stretching and strengthening the foot muscles.
  • Vein trainer: This inflatable device with adjustable air chambers stimulates the muscle-vein pump and prevents varicose veins and thrombosis.
  • Balance bar: The balance bar looks like a classic balance beam and, in addition to improving balance, improves motor skills and coordination.

What are the advantages of a balance board?

With this device you can learn new exercises and strengthen many important areas of the body dynamically, efficiently and in a targeted manner. This includes in particular the muscles in the knees, feet and legs. The board activates the deep and holding muscles, which are otherwise difficult to hit in a targeted manner. The balance trainer is all the more valuable as a supplement to other sports equipment such as the trampoline, skipping rope or punching bag.

The user also trains his balance, improves coordination skills and trains his stability. The device can be used in rehabilitation and therapy, like physiotherapists, as well as in fitness training and balance training.

Improve posture on the balance board

Anyone who works in the office knows the challenge of maintaining health in the best possible way despite daily screen work. Correct posture plays a particularly important role here in order to prevent problems such as back pain. The Balance Board is particularly recommended for this target group.

The boards and beams are inherently unstable and challenge the user's sense of balance. Lots of small compensatory movements are constantly required to keep the balance.

Everyone can benefit from a better balance

Almost every athlete benefits from coordination training on the balance board. Because an excellent balance is the prerequisite for successfully practicing different types of sport. These include gymnastics, climbing, martial arts and skiing. If you train on the balance board and carry out a corresponding balance training, you not only improve your general fitness, but also perfect your technique at the same time.

Acquiring a device, for example from the brands Bosu or Togu, makes sense for dance studios that want to help their members to better control their bodies. Those who ride a racing bike or mountain bike keep their bike better under control thanks to balance training. This versatility is what makes the Balance Board so interesting!

Which floor is best for a balance trainer?

Since the trainer itself is unstable, it is recommended to use it on a hard and stable surface. Various hard floors come into question here, such as wooden floors or concrete floors. It can be used on carpets without any problems, but under no circumstances should it slide on the floor or be firmly attached to it. Because a stable, non-slip floor is important to minimize the risk of injury and to avoid falling.

Which muscle groups do devices such as balance boards train?

The balance trainer actually strengthens any muscle group. Which that is in the individual case depends on the individual use of this aid.

When the user is on the board, he strengthens the muscle groups in the feet and legs. This includes, for example, the muscles in the calves, which can be perfectly defined with the board.

It is also possible to train while lying on the device. Doing this strengthens the back muscles. One of these exercises is the polift, in which the athlete bends his legs with his back on the board. These exercises are particularly effective as the user must always maintain balance.

If you want to train your back and shoulders, lie down with your chest on the board. Then he straightens his legs and arms. In order to train the abdominal muscles, the user sits up straight on the board and pulls his legs up.

Upper arm and shoulder muscles can also be addressed simultaneously with the balance trainer. To do this, the user places the board under his chest and leans on it with his arms. Now he takes hold of the board on the outside and balances it. This exercise is strenuous and very effective.

You can even do triceps exercises. To do this, the user sits down on the floor, places the board behind his back and pushes himself up with his arms.

What do I need to know about the care of the balancing device?

Training on the machines is possible with sneakers as well as with bare feet. In the latter case, it is advisable to clean and disinfect the surface with a damp cloth after use. This is especially true in the commercial sector with many users per device. Otherwise, this uncomplicated product has no special maintenance requirements and is always ready for immediate use.