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Push-up bars provide effective support for push-up exercises (especially for the triceps, body tension and chest muscles or muscles on the upper body) and are gentle on the wrists. Especially for athletes who frequently do push-ups, these training devices are used to build up the muscles (e.g. on the chest) and for training that is easy on the joints. In our assortment you will find a large selection of designs of high-quality push-up handles at great prices and from well-known brands. Discover our push-up bars now and benefit from a more gentle and effective fitness training for the entire body.

Effective and robust push-up bars

What are push-up bars

The push-up bars are training devices that support the entire body when doing push-ups on the floor. The bars usually consist of two portable and durable handles that are provided with a support surface. The push-up bars are very practical and can be placed on any flat surface or floor. For this reason, the push-up bars are often used in the fitness area and in the training of various sports. The push-up bars increase the position of your hands (hand position) and extend your arms with a full range of motion. As a result, you can use this tool to effectively address and train muscle groups on the arms (triceps), the muscles on the shoulders, chest muscles, stomach, legs, buttocks and back even more efficiently. Due to the improved position or hand position when exercising or moving due to the push-up bars or from this aid, the intensity of the exercises (but gentle on the hands), as well as the effect for muscle building or the addressing of certain muscle groups (e.g. on the shoulders) and you get better stability.

What do I need push-up bars for?

The push-up bars are mainly Because of this reason used in fitness training: With classic push-ups, the wrists or wrists are brought into a position in the movement in which the wrists are very heavily stressed. If you only do the push-up exercise rarely (e.g. beginners), this is also completely harmless. If this exercise is carried out frequently (with a higher body weight), you should use push-up bars for a better hand position or hand position, as these are very easy on the joints (e.g. for the elbows). The push-up bars are not only gentle on your joints (e.g. elbows), but also prevent injuries to your wrists and help you to improve body tension and stability. You can carry out these exercises with the bars or training aids:

  • Normal pushup
  • Wide pushups
  • Tight pushups
  • Handstand

Buy great push-up bars

In our shop you will find push-up bars that include have the following properties or advantages:

  • Very resilient and robust
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Gentle on the wrists or hands and thus a training device to prevent injuries
  • High quality manufacture and materials
  • Durable
  • Comfortable and grippy feel of the bars
  • High grip of the bars
  • Very resilient and suitable for every body weight
  • The push-up bars allow a full range of motion
  • Different versions or models (also rotating models)
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