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Exercise Mats

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Exercise mats keep you fit and healthy and help with the correct exercise of your training.

  1. AIREX® Yoga ECO Grip Mat
    AIREX® Yoga ECO Grip Mat
    Immediately available
  2. AIREX® Yoga ECO Cork Mat
    AIREX® Yoga ECO Cork Mat
    Immediately available
  3. Yoga mat sports
    Yoga mat sports
    Immediately available
  4. Yoga-Matte Balance
    Yoga-Matte Balance
    Immediately available
  5. Yoga Mat Eco
    Yoga Mat Eco
    Immediately available
  6. Yoga Mat Phoenix
    Yoga Mat Phoenix
    Immediately available
    Immediately available
  8. Yoga mat Ozian pranajaya
    Yoga mat Ozian pranajaya
    Immediately available
  9. Airex® Bag
    Airex® Bag
    Immediately available
  10. Airex® Gymnastic Mat ATLAS
    Airex® Gymnastic Mat ATLAS
    Immediately available
  11. PROFI GYM mat
    PROFI GYM mat
    Immediately available

Items 1-30 of 33

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Exercise mats for fitness, aerobics, physiotherapy, leisure or school and competitive sports

With our exercise mats you are optimally equipped for your training. In our selection of sports mats, you will always find the right mat for your training. Choose the right size with the appropriate strength and the associated damping properties from a variety of designs.

There are exercise mats in the dimensions 140 x 60 cm to 200 x 125 cm and training mats with thicknesses from 0.8 cm to 2.5 cm! Our Kübler Sport exercise mat optimally supports your workout and impresses again and again in exercise mat tests and product comparisons with quality and durability. Thanks to the special Sanitized finish, the Kübler Sport exercise mats are permanently protected against bacteria and ensure hygiene in the course or during training at home. In addition, the sports mats offer a firm footing, secure hold and are non-slip. The Kübler Sport training mats are available in different colors, choose the color of your choice! Find your ideal exercise mat for fitness, workout, Pilates or simply for home comfortably in the Kübler Sport online shop.

Our yoga mats will also convince you. Finding a good yoga mat is often difficult. In most cases, it is only during the first practice that it becomes clear whether you have made the right choice. Basically, a yoga mat should be non-slip. This applies all the more when practicing yoga styles, which contain many standing and balance elements, as well as jumping elements.
Another decisive criterion when choosing the ideal yoga mat is hygiene. A high-quality yoga mat has an antibacterial coating that provides permanent protection against bacteria and fungal attack. The mat should also be wipeable or washable, because not only feet and hands touch the yoga mat during yoga. You can find yoga mats that meet all the criteria of a high-quality mat in our online shop. You can also choose between different models for our yoga mats. In addition to the yoga mats from Kübler Sport, you will also find mats from Airex in the online shop. Choose your desired size and choose your favorite color. With one click, your yoga mat is on its way to you.
Whether it is a yoga mat or an exercise mat, every mat needs a little care. In order to maintain the quality of the mats for a long time, the exercise mats should always be stored well. A wall suspension is the ideal solution for storing mats. Simply screwed to the wall, the mats can be hung up to save space and material. The training mats are specially equipped with eyelets for hanging on the wall. When ordering in the online shop, select the exercise mats with O and declare war on the disorder in the classroom.

And if you prefer the mobile version of the mat storage, we have mat trolleys with a detachable device for the exercise mats with flaps, or trolleys with a throw-over bar for the practical stacking of the mats without flaps. So that you can take your exercise mat with you to the fitness studio or sports hall, appropriate carrying bags and straps are also available in our shop. For example, you can take your yoga mat practically and comfortably anywhere with you.

Airex exercise mats

Airex, the market leader in the field of exercise mats and training mats, relies on high-quality, closed-cell foams that are also impressive in terms of durability and hygiene. The Airex exercise mat impresses above all with its high quality and durability. Airex offers flat, non-slip exercise mats for school & amp; Club sports, rehabilitation, therapy but also yoga mats and mats for Pilates. The Airex exercise mats are not only dirt-repellent, but also have a particularly antibacterial coating. The Airex exercise mats are available in different sizes and thicknesses. In general, a good exercise mat should be so big. ensure that your torso and head rest comfortably on the mat. The larger the mat, the more comfortable the training experience. Also in terms of color, almost nothing is left to be desired. In addition to the standard colors green, red and blue, you can now also get the Airex exercise mats in kiwi, pink, slate and water blue.
The Airex Coronella is very popular among the Airex exercise mats. The Coronella is very hard-wearing and durable and has proven itself through many years of use in practices, fitness studios and therapy practices. Thanks to the Coronella's excellent cushioning properties, nothing stands in the way of training that is gentle on the joints. The Coronella also impresses in terms of color. Choose between terra, slate or order your Airex Coronella exercise mat in platinum. The Coronella is also easy to clean and therefore very hygienic. Product comparison tests prove again and again the high quality of the Coronella. In an independent exercise mat test, the Coronella was voted the test winner.

And here again a brief overview of the most important products from our category of training mats and exercise mats:

  • Yoga mats
  • Airex exercise mats
  • Exercise mats with tubes
  • Mat trolleys

Exercise mats can be used in many ways. As a non-slip, insulating and cushioning base, the training mats are not only used in sports, but also in pregnancy gymnastics, mother-child gymnastics and even in the swimming pool as a floating island.

An exercise mat with excellent properties

Gymnastic exercises have the goal of holistically challenging and strengthening the body. A suitable base is particularly important. That is why we have various mats in our program that are optimally tailored to the respective area of application. Particular attention is paid to:

  • cushioning
  • resistance
  • slip resistance.

Find out more on the respective product pages and choose a mat that is made for you.