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Fitness mats are part of the basic equipment of every fitness training or exercise in the fitness area, as well as in the therapy area (e.g. physiotherapy, rehabilitation & occupational therapy) and in many other sports. We have a large selection of different fitness mats in different colors, sizes and designs. In addition, our fitness mats are not only characterized by a great price and high quality, but you can also get fitness mats from well-known manufacturers such as Airex, Artzt or Togu. Buy the right mat now & order your mat for your next training easily online in our shop!

  1. AIREX® Yoga ECO Grip Mat
    AIREX® Yoga ECO Grip Mat
    Immediately available
  2. AIREX® Yoga ECO Cork Mat
    AIREX® Yoga ECO Cork Mat
    Immediately available
  3. Yoga mat sports
    Yoga mat sports
    Immediately available
  4. Yoga-Matte Balance
    Yoga-Matte Balance
    Immediately available
  5. Yoga Mat Eco
    Yoga Mat Eco
    Immediately available
  6. Elastic band for yoga mats
    Elastic band for yoga mats
    Immediately available
  7. Yogabag
    Immediately available
  8. Yoga Mat Phoenix
    Yoga Mat Phoenix
    Immediately available
    Immediately available
  10. Yoga mat Ozian pranajaya
    Yoga mat Ozian pranajaya
    Immediately available
  11. Airex® Bag
    Airex® Bag
    Immediately available
  12. Airex® Gymnastic Mat ATLAS
    Airex® Gymnastic Mat ATLAS
    Immediately available
  13. Yoga mat, 180 x 60 x 0.45 cm
    Yoga mat, 180 x 60 x 0.45 cm
    Immediately available
  14. Yoga-Brick blue
    Yoga-Brick blue
    Immediately available

Items 1-30 of 45

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High quality fitness mats & as a must-have for every fitness training session

What are fitness mats used for?

Especially in the fitness area (e.g. gymnastics exercises) or in the therapy area (e.g. physiotherapy), many exercises or workouts take place on the floor. Training without a pad or without a sports mat, gymnastics mat or a training mat directly on the floor or the floor would be very uncomfortable. With a fitness mat (also called sports mat, gymnastics mat or exercise mat), training or performing the exercise is much more pleasant, combined with more comfort and you get pleasant and optimal cushioning during training. This cushioning is gentle on the joints & protects your entire body and all joints during the entire training session. In addition, the use of the fitness mat gives you support during the exercises, as the surface or the upper side of the mats is structured and thus a fitness mat is characterized by high slip resistance. Regardless of whether it is a stomach, legs, buttocks course in the gym or a workout at home, a fitness mat is easy on your body and you need it for every effective workout or exercise. A fitness mat is also often used for sports such as yoga or Pilates. When used in yoga or Pilates, the products or gymnastics mats are therefore often called yoga mats.

How do the fitness mats differ?

There are different designs or models of fitness mats. The main differences are mostly in the size or length, the color and the material. A high-quality fitness mat should be made of closed-cell foam with high slip resistance on the floor and provide a soft feel and good cushioning with every movement. The strength of the damping when touching or when moving with the feet or hands or the height or thickness of the damping can differentiate. As a general rule, it should not be possible to press down to the floor, even with punctual loads. You should also choose a fitness mat without plasticizers.

Buy a fitness mat

You will find a large selection of different fitness mats with us, all of which are characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • High quality
  • Great prices
  • Many different colors
  • Different sizes and lengths
  • Different strengths or different thicknesses of the cushioning of the product
  • Extremely resilient and robust
  • Versatile
  • high-quality materials (thus no unpleasant smell of the product of e.g. plastic mats)
  • Latex-free and without plasticizers
  • Easy to clean with water or mild soap
  • Skin-friendly, sweat- and saliva-proof
  • With or without eyelets for space-saving storage
  • Structured surfaces or the upper side are slip-resistant & ensure optimal grip
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Light weight
  • Great comfort
  • Gentle on the joints

Buy the right mat for your fitness exercises or your workout in the gym, club or at home now and benefit from the great properties of our fitness mats. The fitness mats give you the ideal conditions for a great workout. In our shop you will also find complete sets of fitness mats, which are suitable for use in group training, for example.