pedalo® Softpads, pair

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pedalo® Softpads, pair Pedalo

The classic pedalo Soft pads! The Soft pads hinge joints can be combined with many pedalo devices. They strengthen the training effect of the individual devices and support the user with a pleasant support for the knee, the elbow and other body parts. Double use and versatile use of pedalo products The pedalo Soft pads are made of a special foam material. The hinge joints provide an unstable surface for the user and support movement and coordination training. This unstable surface can be used in single training, without a training device as a balance pad. The soft pads can also be combined with the coordination straps and pedalo footboards. Tips for combining with other pedalo products The soft pads are used, for example, in combination with the pedalo rehabilitation-bar S. In doing so, the pads are placed on the bars and give the user a slight instability. The pads are particularly effective in combination with the pedalo springboard 150 and the pedalo springboard 180. Here, the pad can be used as a protector for hands and joints. In addition, the pads can also be used as a step or as an obstacle. This stage or the obstacle must be overcome and prompts the user. Product features pedalo Soft pads: - Material: special foam - Dimensions: (LxWxH) 30x14x2,5 cm - Delivery in pairs - Easy to clean Increase the amount of exercise of the products with the pedalo® soft pads. Delivery is in pairs. Further products and balancing devices as well as training devices can be found online in our categories.

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Length 30.00 cm
Width 15.00 cm
Height 2.50 cm
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