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The aerobis brand develops sophisticated functional fitness equipment that can be used almost anywhere. The equipment helps to achieve optimal training results in strength training in a minimum of time. The manufacturer aerobis enables beginners as well as advanced athletes to train holistically.

Optimal results in a minimum of time with aerobis fitness equipment

With these training devices, the workout is more efficient and thanks to the high functionality of the individual devices, few products are sufficient for full body training. The athlete trains complete muscle chains and movement sequences. This results in a practical training that challenges the body comprehensively and enables full body training. The fitness machines complement each other and each model has its own focus. However, the athlete can also use each device individually.

Large range of functional training equipment from aerobis

Here are some of the fitness equipment from aerobis:

  • Deflection pulley sling trainer
  • Devices for eccentric training
  • Endless rope trainer
  • Flexible straps and accessories
  • Weight vests and sandbags
  • Jump ropes and battle ropes
  • Sensors and fitness trackers
  • Fixings, door anchors and frames
  • Dumbbells and barbells
  • General fitness products
  • Aerobis fitness app

The history of the manufacturer aerobis

The aerobis company is located in Cologne, right next to the German Sport University. It all started in 2009 when the founder Elmar Schumacher developed the aeroSling sling trainer. Originally he had designed the sling trainer for his personal training. In the meantime, however, many fitness studios, clubs, athletes and personal trainers have become aerobis customers because their products can be used flexibly.

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