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Ball rack or medicine ball racks are among the must-haves for equipping every training session in fitness studios, in a training room or in a practice of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation. The large medicine balls can be stored and stored on the medicine ball racks in a practical, space-saving and safe manner (avoiding a source of danger). With a medicine ball rack you have every ball ready to hand. In our shop you will find a large selection of medicine ball racks in high quality and from well-known brands or manufacturers for your training and medicine ball training. Order the right medicine ball rack or the appropriate shelf for more security and order in your training or strength training in the studio and at a great price.

Order stable medicine ball racks at great prices for more order

Why do I need a medicine ball rack?

Medicine ball racks help significantly in the safe and sorted storage or storage of medicine balls or gymnastics balls and also serve as a safety deposit when storing and storing balls or gymnastics balls. Medicine balls are very often used in a fitness studio (e.g. for strength training), in a physiotherapy or occupational therapy practice, in a training room and in the rehabilitation area for numerous exercises. Due to the size of the balls, the medicine balls are not easy to store and are often in the way and take up a lot of space. With a medicine ball rack you do not have this problem and have a space-saving solution for storing your medicine balls at a different distance. You can place and store the medicine balls on a height-adjustable medicine ball rack (different distances between the shelves or the spars) at different levels.

With a medicine ball rack, the medicine balls and weight balls are not only conveniently stored and stowed, but racks also provide increased safety for athletes and patients. If the medicine balls and weight balls are well stowed away, the medicine balls in a practice or in a fitness studio can no longer be tripping hazards or sources of danger. In addition, all medicine ball racks have a low weight, high resilience, take up little space and are very gentle on the floor. With these accessories for your studio you can perform an optimal medicine ball training.

Buying a great medicine ball rack

The medicine ball racks in our shop are all characterized by the following advantages or properties:

  • Resilient and stable products (high load capacity & load)
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for all models of medicine balls in any weight
  • High stability & resilience
  • High quality materials and manufacture of the ball rack (profile is made of metal)
  • Many different designs or models on medicine ball racks (e.g. with different heights or spars and dimensions, vertical orientation)
  • Available in different sizes or dimensions (height & width, different distances, length) (suitable for every body size and always with low weight)
  • Height-adjustable racks or shelves
  • Low weight
  • Gentle on the floor
  • Vertical models
  • Practical accessories for every studio, practice and training room at home that takes up little space
  • Very good grip
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