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Weights should not be missing in any gym or strength training. In our shop you can get different designs and weight classes, up to kettlebells. The complete equipment for optimal strength training is available in our shop. Buy the right weight from well-known brands in our shop and benefit from a great strength training or fitness training.

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Large selection of different weights

Fitness training or strength training with weights

Weights are very effective in building muscle and the training specifically promotes individual muscles (biceps and triceps). But weights are not only used for exercises related to lifting weights, these exercise machines are also often used in aerobic training and gymnastics exercises. But this training device increases the intensity of the exercises, for example of squats. Thus, weights not only lead to an effective muscle build-up (bisceps and triceps or entire muscle groups), training with the discs is very effective for the entire body and its mobility. You can also train very well at home with the slices or with the weights or compact weights. A weight is a versatile device.

Buying weights

Weights shouldn't be missing in any gym. Weights are the strength training classics. If you want to build muscle, you have to target foreign weights, i.e. Weights or weight plates, bars, ball weights, compact weights or the barbells. At Kübler Sport you will find suitable equipment for your weight training, e.g. different weight plates. In addition to various weights with different weights and diameters, you will also find traditional weights with straps for hands during workouts and aerobics in our shop. You can easily and conveniently order a complete weight set with a suitable weight stand for your gym in our online shop. Weights can have different weightlifting collars, i.e. with which method the weights are fixed on the support. A distinction is made between star weightlifting collars and spring weightlifting collars. One advantage of star weightlifting collars is that they do not come loose in one piece, but slowly. In comparison, spring weightlifting collars can come off quicker and pose a higher security risk.

What materials are there?

The popular classic weights are made of cast iron or chrome. These materials are very robust and resilient. However, if you want to train silently, we do not recommend weights made of cast iron, but weights with rubber discs. The rubber weights are not only noiseless and come in different diameters, but these devices are just as durable, resilient and have an optimal grip.

Fitness weight or weight set - aerobics or bench press: Kübler Sport delivers the right weights

The choice of weights for fitness or strength training depends on the exercises to be carried out and the desired effect that the weight training should have. That is why we offer our customers a huge range of weights and barbells for different areas of application. At Kübler Sport you will find:

  • Aerobic weights
  • Body pump weight sets and weight programs
  • Kettlebells
  • Weight bars, barbell bars and curl bars
  • Weight plates
  • Weight benches
  • Weight and disc stands and wall brackets