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Weight racks are among the must-haves for equipping a gym or exercise room for sports. Various weights (dumbbells & barbells) can be safely stored on weight racks. In our shop, different models of weight racks are available in high quality and from well-known brands or manufacturers, such as Eleiko or O´live. Buy the right weight rack now for more safety in your training!

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Robust weight racks suitable for every model of dumbbells

Why do I need a weight rack?

Weight racks help significantly in the safe and sorted storage of dumbbells, barbells and weight plates and also serve as a safety rack during storage. The weight racks and the shelves for weight plates (plate racks or weight plate racks) are not only used for storage, but are in some cases an integral part of strength exercises. In the bench press exercise, you need a weight rack or a storage facility in addition to a weight bench to store the barbell when moving down (on the storage facility). You can also use a height-adjustable weight rack and a weight bench to perform other basic exercises, such as do the shoulder press standing or squat with a barbell. The weight rack thus fulfills two tasks: on the one hand, these devices are used for storing dumbbells and weight plates (weight plate racks or dumbbell rack) and, on the other hand, they are used for exercises (e.g. squat) with barbells (barbell rest in barbell training).

What kind of weight racks are there?

There are different versions or products on weight racks. The biggest differences are in the type of use and the size. Adapted to the different sizes of dumbbells and weight plates, there are weight racks in different sizes. When choosing a weight rack for storing dumbbells (dumbbell rack) you should always pay attention to the number of dumbbells to be stored and the space in the gym or in the exercise room at home. The type of use also has a decisive influence on the selection of a weight rack. Because different weight racks are used for the storage of dumbbells and/ or barbells (barbell rack).

Buying a weight rack

Our weight racks or weight racks (or weight racks) are characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • Resilient and robust products (high load capacity and load)
  • Durable
  • Suitable for all models on dumbbells, barbell bars and weight plates (dumbbells & barbells or barbell bar)
  • High stability
  • High quality materials and manufacturing (stable profile made of metal)
  • Many different versions or models on weight racks (also as wall brackets for bars or for mounting on the wall)
  • Available in different sizes or dimensions (height & width) (suitable for every body size)