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Balance boards are particularly well suited for joint-friendly and effective training of all muscle groups and muscles. In our shop you will find a large selection of different wobble boards or balance boards for training in the studio, club or at home. Discover the right balance board now and train your balance or sense of balance as well as the stability of your entire body and muscles by purchasing this fitness device.

  1. Plankpad by Erzi® Kids
    Plankpad by Erzi® Kids
    Only a few left in stock
  2. Balance Board
    Balance Board
  3. pedalo® Rola-Bola Design
    pedalo® Rola-Bola Design
    Immediately available
  4. Gonge® Air Board
    Gonge® Air Board
    Only a few left in stock
  5. pedalo® Rolling Board
    pedalo® Rolling Board
    Only a few left in stock
  6. MFT® Challenge Disc 2.0
    MFT® Challenge Disc 2.0
    Only a few left in stock
  7. pedalo®  Platform
    pedalo® Platform
    Soon available again
  8. Extension Trainer Edge-Board 2.0
    Extension Trainer Edge-Board 2.0
    Soon available again
  9. Pedalo® Step-Balance Board
    Pedalo® Step-Balance Board
    Only a few left in stock
  10. Pedalo® Surf
    Pedalo® Surf
    Only a few left in stock
  11. Togu® Balanza® Ballstep
    Togu® Balanza® Ballstep
    Only a few left in stock
  12. Togu® Balanza® Circle
    Togu® Balanza® Circle
    Soon available again
  13. Togu® Balanza®
    Togu® Balanza®
    Only a few left in stock
  14. pedalo® Rola-Bola Fun
    pedalo® Rola-Bola Fun
    Only a few left in stock
  15. Balance Board RollerBone 1.0
    Balance Board RollerBone 1.0
    Only a few left in stock
  16. pedalo® Rola-Bola
    pedalo® Rola-Bola
    Only a few left in stock
  17. RollerBone® SoftBone Balanceboard
    RollerBone® SoftBone Balanceboard
    Only a few left in stock
  18. Thera-Band® Therapy Disc
    Thera-Band® Therapy Disc
    Only a few left in stock
  19. Thera-Band® Incline Board
    Thera-Band® Incline Board
    Only a few left in stock
  20. Reebok® CORE BOARD
    Reebok® CORE BOARD
    While stocks last
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Different models of robust & practical balance boards

What are balance boards?

Balancing or moving on a wobble board and keeping the balance or sense of balance from the body and stability in the entire body is not easy. However, training, balancing and moving on a balance board or on a therapy top is extremely effective for the entire body. Because a workout or the exercises on this fitness device is not only gentle on the joints and offers or hardly stress the joints. In order to keep the balance on the board or on the wobble board or on a therapy spinning top during the exercises, balancing movements of the deep muscles, especially in the feet and legs. Not only the muscles (deep muscles) and various muscle groups are strengthened, but also the leg axis stability or the stability of the feet and legs and your coordination are trained. The balance boards are often called wobble boards, because no matter whether standing, sitting, kneeling, squats, push-ups or torso bends - every exercise on the balance board or on the wobble board is exhausting and demanding. The boards can also appear in the form of a roll or a spinning top. The types of balance boards can be made of foam, plastic or wood. The material (plastic, wood, felt or foam) of the roll or boards depends on the application. The wobble boards can also be exercise equipment or toys for children and give them a lot of fun while playing. However, the children should never use the balance boards as toys or sports equipment without supervision (due to the high level of difficulty when playing). The same applies to beginners in the fitness area. Beginners in the fitness area should not use this device alone at the beginning. Athletes or recreational surfers often use this sports device as a training device when surfing or before surfing. This device is often used to build muscle even after injuries.


Buying great balance boards

Our balance boards and wobble boards are all characterized by by the following properties or advantages:

  • Robust and resilient
  • With a lot of fun and at the same time associated with a high level of difficulty
  • Extremely durable
  • Great features when standing, sitting, lying or moving on the board
  • Easy to clean
  • Air pressure is adjustable
  • Different diameters & sizes
  • Great colors
  • Very good damping (on every floor or surface)
  • Also suitable for children (light weight)
  • High-quality manufacturing materials (special foam, PVC and phalate-free, without harmful plasticizers in plastics, wood, plastics, felt)
  • Pleasant surface feel
  • Different shapes or types (boards, rolls, spinning top)
  • High grip of the surface & slip resistance of the underside on every floor or surface
  • Light weight
  • This device is also often used to build up muscles after injuries