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Spielerisches Gleichgewichtstraining mit Anti-Rutsch-Motivdruck

By shifting your body weight and controlling your own balance, you can move the roll safely and with control. The role is very responsive to changes in direction, so a fine dosage of movement is very important. A little tip for beginners: Practice the movement on carpets or carpet. On this surface, the role is slowed down a bit.

Balance Board Rola-Bola Fun

- Multifunctional for sports, training and leisure
- With non-slip motif print
- Skills: coordination, balance and balance

Material and equipment
The base plate is made of Birch Multiplex, the surface is painted natural with a circumferential grid hole or plug-in system for Fußwippen and Powerband. The edges are rounded and the bottom is equipped with 4 rubber stoppers. Thus you spare the underground when putting on.

The role is made of solid pine wood and with anti-slip guide rings stored. This is important and to ensure leadership of the role. Rollers without guide rings tilt and shift too much below the board.

Mass and weight:

- Load capacity up to 120 kg
- (LxWxH) 60 x 35 x 2 cm
- Total weight: 3.6 kg

The Rola-Bola Fun has a total weight of 3.6 kg and is loadable up to a weight of 120 kg. The stand board has the following dimensions: (LxWxH) 60x35x2 cm and the roll has a diameter of 10 cm and a length of 35 cm.

For additional strengthening exercises of the upper body we recommend the pedalo Textil Power band Set with carabiner. You will find further balancing articles and stability and coordination trainers in our extensive range.


- Multifunktionell für Sport, Training und Freizeit
- Mit Anti-Rutsch-Motivdruck
- Fähigkeiten: Koordination, Balance und Gleichgewicht
- Belastbar bis 120 kg
- (LxBxH) 60 x 35 x 2 cm
- Gesamtgewicht: 3,6 kg


The training device to improve agility, coordination and balance. By shifting the body weight and controlling your own balance, the role and the board can be moved safely and contorled. The roller is mounted with anti-slip-guide rings. Weight: 3,6 kg. Resilient up to 120 kg. Dimensions board (birch strong): 60x35x2 cm, roll (solid pine): (øxL) 10x35 cm.
Caution: Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Use under the direct supervision of an adult.
Product information
Height (cm)
12 cm
Length (cm)
60 cm
Width (cm)
35 cm
Package width
36.5 cm
Package length
61.4 cm
Package height
14.5 cm
Properties & Features
Product weight
3.5 kg
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Hat das Balancebrett eine Anti-Rutsch-Oberfläche?
Die Holzoberfläche des Balancebretts ist an sich sehr rutschfest.
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