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Order in strength training or in training in sports and fitness studio is very important. Because tidiness in sport can not only prevent accidents, but with a better overview of the training materials and training equipment you start the training much more motivated. Weight plate racks are therefore an important part of the equipment for fitness training and ensure optimal storage of weight plates. In our shop you will find a large selection of different weight plate racks. Discover the right weight plate rack or the right product in a great color for your purpose and buy the right shelf for storing your weight plates at affordable prices & from well-known brands easily in our shop.

Buy high-quality & practical weight plate rack for storing discs

What are the advantages of weight plate racks?

A clear advantage of weight plates made of steel is that this storage ensures order in the gym and fitness area in the studio, as well as during training at home. You can easily and conveniently place or hang up the weight plates in the plate stands and weight plate racks. The weight plate racks also bring a high level of user comfort. Depending on the design of the weight plate rack, you can insert the weight plates with different diameters (receptacle) or the weights into the weight stand in such a way that they can be removed particularly easily from the corresponding device. In addition, the stands and racks not only ensure a good and safe storage of the weight plates, but the exercisers or strength athletes have a better overview of the training materials and training equipment. Because of the weight plate rack or the weight rest, everyone knows the place of the different weight plates and you can start training immediately.

How do the weight plate racks differ from each other?

There are many different models, products and designs on weight plate racks or weight plate racks. You can e.g. choose between a plate stand for a few plates and a weight plate rack for a large number of plates. When buying a weight plate rack, you should always consider your training preferences and the desired use, as well as space for storing weight plates or weights. Weight plate racks do not necessarily have to stand on the floor, but some models can also hang on the wall (bracket with wall mounting). The hanging weight plate racks (bracket with wall mounting) save a lot of space. However, these have a limit in their maximum load capacity of weights or the storage of weight plates (limited weight load). In addition, there are elongated versions of weight plate racks and weight plate racks in the form of a tree (barbell tree). The shape of a tree (dumbbell stand or weight stand as a dumbbell tree) is very popular in gyms compared to the long version. Elongated weight plate racks have the advantage that they usually offer several insertion options in the upper area. There are also disc stands or a rack (barbell tree) where you can store weight plates as well as barbells, barbell bars, bars (bar holders), barbells and dumbbells. The rack combines the storage of dumbbells, bars and slices.

Buying suitable weight plate racks

Our weight plate racks stand out among others through the following advantages, product details and properties:

  • Very resilient (high weight load) & durable
  • Robust (material is steel)
  • Available in various designs, heights, lengths and widths (e.g. also as a barbell tree)
  • Suitable for discs with different diameters (the bore)
  • Made from high quality materials (steel)
  • Different sizes with different number of ways of taking (disc) weights
  • Weight plates and weight plate locks can be hung or stored on the models
  • Also available in combination for storing barbells, barbell bars (bar holder), dumbbells (barbell rack) and discs.
  • Favorable prices and great brands
  • Great colors
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