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Dumbbells should, like other fitness equipment (e.g. barbell bars), be stored in order in dumbbell shelves or dumbbell racks. Because the racks and shelves not only ensure order and a better overview in weight training or strength training, boxing, fitness studio or training at home (home fitness), but also ensure safety and prophylaxis for injuries. Dumbbell racks are simply part of the basic equipment in fitness and in many other sports areas. In our shop you will find a large selection of different dumbbell racks in high quality and at affordable prices! Discover the right product from well-known brands and for every shape of dumbbell (hexagon, handle length) and simply order the product online in our shop!

Buying resilient dumbbell racks

Why do I need a dumbbell racks?

Dumbbells in weight training or strength training, fitness or boxing, like other barbell bars (barbells) and other weights, should be stored safely and in an orderly manner. Because clear storage not only creates order in training in the fitness studio, in the fitness room at home (home fitness) or when training in a club, it also leads to improved safety before and after fitness training or use. In dumbbell racks, the weights can be set at different levels, e.g. according to your weight level, sorted and filed. With the storage on a dumbbell stand, every trainee can immediately find the right dumbbell and there can be no accidents during training or before and after training or use, such as stumbling over the dumbbell or other training equipment. Dumbbell racks are simply part of the basic equipment in weight training and in many other sports areas. Most dumbbell racks in an attractive design are space-saving (different widths) and their storage shelves are very resilient, and some are provided with a rubberized protective pad. In other words, all dumbbell racks in our range can carry a variety of dumbbells and weights and are therefore very resilient and stable. In addition, the feet (often rubberized) are very non-slip and gentle on the floor. The dumbbell racks offer a high level of comfort for every athlete and the fitness equipment and many other training equipment can be found in our shop at a great price.

Differences between dumbbell racks and dumbbell shelfs

A dumbbell shelf resembles a shelf. Because here the individual, customary dumbbells are stored at different levels. The dumbbell rack tends to expand in width. In comparison, the dumbbell stand goes up in height and also stores the individual dumbbells at different levels. Both with a dumbbell stand and with a dumbbell rack, the dumbbells are easy to place and take out. Both devices offer space for several dumbbells.

Buying great racks and shelves

Our dumbbell racks and dumbbell racks are all characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • High quality, solid & extremely resilient (even with high usage)
  • Robust, even with frequent use or storage of dumbbells
  • Available in various sizes, lengths and sizes of storage systems and storage options
  • Different models of dumbbell racks and dumbbell racks (e.g. storage as pairs)
  • Well-known brands or manufacturers
  • Durable, even with frequent use or storage of dumbbells
  • Cheap prices
  • Gentle on the floor
  • Easy installation
  • Space-saving models of storage systems (also suitable for a small footprint)
  • Solid barbell rack with shelf (rubberized shelf)
  • Low weight of the barbell rack or low weight of the barbell stand
  • Suitable for standard dumbbells and different handle lengths or shapes (hexagon)
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