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MoVeS® Arm and Leg Trainer OxyCycle 3
MoVeS® Arm and Leg Trainer OxyCycle 3
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Whether in your own four walls or in the gym: exercise bikes are one of the basics of cardiovascular and endurance training. The popularity of hometrainer is unbroken for demanding cardio training in the fitness area, effective warm-up before workout or as a joint-friendly alternative to jogging. At Kübler Sport you will find modern training equipment for home training, e.g. a bike trainer.

Large selection of high-quality exercise bikes for optimal training in the fitness area

Why exercise bikes?

The exercise bike, also called exercise bike, is an excellent fitness device or training device for effective cardio and endurance training in the fitness area. Bicycle trainers are one of the most popular fitness devices for home or the gym due to their simple, intuitive usability and their effectiveness when exercising. A home trainer is therefore a training partner and training device that is limited to the most important basic functions for a demanding and joint-friendly training. The exercise bike is not only good for the health of the body (pulse measurement, increased fat burning to reduce calories, fitness training), but also with numerous great functions.

Buy the right exercise bike

A home trainer is usually equipped with a modern training computer, the display of which shows relevant performance data or values such as mileage, speed, pulse or calorie consumption during the training session. In addition, the resistance or various training programs that simulate inclines or inclinations during the training session can be set.

A home trainer should have a flywheel mass of at least 5 kg, as this is responsible for smooth and smooth running of the device. The rule of thumb is: the higher the momentum in motion, the more even and therefore more pleasant the mileage during the training session. Furthermore, when buying, you should make sure that the seat or saddle and handlebar can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to the individual body size in order to be able to sit ergonomically when moving. Of course, we also have suitable exercise bikes for tall people (due to e.g. height-adjustable saddle). With our training equipment, every trainee can achieve his training goals.

Exercise bikes, ergometers, cross trainers: what are the differences?

In addition to the classic exercise bikes, ergometers and cross trainers are very popular devices for endurance training. Visually, an ergometer hardly differs from an exercise bike in its design as a bicycle and the imitation of cycling, but it does offer the possibility of precisely adjusting the resistance to wattages. You can also train based on a specific heart rate.

Cross trainers simulate the natural movement of Nordic walking or jogging, both in terms of legs and arms. Visually, the training on the cross trainer is similar to cross-country skiing. In addition to the cardiovascular system and leg muscles, the additional arm insert also activates the muscles in the back, stomach and shoulder girdle. Elliptical trainers differ from crosstrainers in that the flywheel is usually attached to the front. The cross trainer also offers a larger range of motion than an elliptical trainer.

Regardless of whether you are cycling on an elliptical machine or an exercise bike, you will find the right (space-saving) training equipment (including various treadmills) to help you achieve your training goals in home training. With these devices or models you have more effective fat burning than with most exercises on the floor at home.

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