MoVeS® Arm and Leg Trainer OxyCycle 3


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Designed for home use.
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MoVeS® Arm and Leg Trainer OxyCycle 3

With the Mini Bike OxyCycle 3, the pedals can be moved forward and backward actively with your own muscle power or passively with the help of motor assistance. The motor-assisted pedal trainer is a real help for particularly weak muscles and limited mobility. The Active-Passive Trainer, Pedal Exerciser Deluxe 3, is a great way to get your arms, legs, and joints moving again. Training with the home trainer activates the circulation and muscles of the arms and legs.

The arm and leg trainer has a remote control with a display attached. With the display remote control, the values can be conveniently adjusted, changed, and read while sitting. The resistance and difficulty can be adjusted progressively to suit the trainee. The multifunction display shows the values, distance, time, calorie consumption, and speed.

The OxyCycle 3 home trainer can be used as an arm trainer on the table and as a leg trainer on the floor. With the included non-slip mat, the active pedal trainer stays securely on the table or floor. The delivery includes a pair of hand grips and a pair of complete foot pedals for training the arms and legs.
The device is pre-assembled and ready to use, and with only 9 kg of weight, the portable device is easy and lightweight to transport.

This arm and leg trainer differs from a certified exercise trainer and is suitable for private use and home care. Unlike the exercise trainer, this leg trainer is not intended for medical use.


- Adjustable resistance from 0 - 80 watts
- Timer with 15 minutes
- Display shows: time, revolutions, distance, and calories
- Dimensions: (LxWxH) 50 x 46 x 38 cm
- For home use only (warranty only provided for private use)


- Active/Passive Pedal Trainer (with motor) for strengthening the muscles
- Training for arms and legs possible
- Portable, compact, and handy training device

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- Arm and leg trainer
- Pedals
- Arm grips
- Anti-slip mat
- User manual

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38 cm


50 cm

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