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The fitness equipment or sports equipment elliptical cross trainer and elliptical trainer are the indoor alternative to Nordic walking, cross-country skiing or jogging when it comes to a joint-friendly but demanding endurance or cardio training. Both in the gym and in your own four walls, the fitness equipment and training equipment are highly valued for joint-protecting fitness training. At Kübler Sport you will find cross and elliptical trainers with different functions or functional scope and stride lengths, as well as intensities and resistance levels, so that you can find the right fitness equipment or sports equipment from well-known manufacturers for every application.

Joint-friendly training equipment: the cross trainer and elliptical trainer

What is an elliptical machine?

The fitness equipment or sports equipment crosstrainer and elliptical trainer represent the natural movement of the body when jogging or Nordic walking. This applies to both leg and arm movement with the specific muscle groups, since the hand movements of an elliptical machine also move. Visually, the training on the elliptical machine is more like cross-country skiing. The additional movement of the arms activates and trains the muscles of the back, shoulder girdle and stomach in addition to the cardiovascular system and leg muscles (thus all muscle groups). At the same time, not only is a lot of training done, but the joints are also protected.

How do cross and elliptical trainers differ?

Crosstrainers and elliptical trainers initially differ purely externally by the position of the flywheel or the flywheel mass. The balance mass is at the back of the elliptical trainer, at the elliptical trainer the balance mass is at the front, so that the heels are automatically lifted off the treads or the pedals with every movement. When training on the elliptical trainer, the movement sequence of the feet resembles an ellipse. This comes even closer to the natural movement sequence than the movement on the cross trainer, which however offers a larger range of movement than an elliptical trainer. The main difference between ellipticals and cross trainers is the movement. While a model like the elliptical trainer imitates the sequence of movements from running and jogging, a model like the elliptical trainer executes a movement like when walking fast.

Buy the right cross trainer

When buying a cross trainer or elliptical trainer, you should consider the size of the users. Because in comparison from a smaller body to a larger body the following applies: the larger a body is, the greater the stride length that must be chosen by the exerciser. Users with a height of at least 175cm should not fall below a step length of 50cm. Via a built-in training computer, training programs, the intensity, functions and resistances or resistance levels can be set, as well as performance-related data such as the pulse or calorie consumption.

At Kübler Sport you will find various cross and elliptical trainers with different functions or functional scope, as well as elliptical ergometers for performance monitoring. The Kettler elliptical cross trainer CTR5 enables both speed-dependent and speed-independent training and has ten different training programs as well as heart rate measurement and a heart rate monitor. The U.N.O elliptical cross trainer XE5.1 has 5 preset and 2 HRC programs, as well as two modes that can be individually set by the user. The resistance or the intensity can be adjusted in 20 levels (resistance levels), just like the incline, so that the training can be varied from walking like walking to climbing stairs. With the Schwinn Airdyne AD6 the resistance is generated by an air wheel: the more you train, the greater the resistance and the calorie consumption.

What is a magnetic brake system on an elliptical machine?

On a magnetic brake or a magnetic brake system, you can set the force of the brake or the brake system manually or by motor. With manual adjustment, the flywheel mass is braked by a permanent magnet or a permanent magnetic brake. In the motorized setting, the braking force of the brake system or the magnetic brake system is regulated by means of computer control or key operation.

Exercise bikes, ergometers, cross trainers: what are the differences?

In addition to the cross trainer, the fitness equipment or exercise equipment exercise bike and ergometer are very popular devices for endurance training. Visually, an ergometer hardly differs from an exercise bike due to its design as a bicycle, but offers the possibility of adjusting the resistance precisely to wattages. In addition, the exercise bike ergometer has the advantage that you can train based on a certain heart rate. In addition to endurance training, ergometers are devices for determining performance. Exercise bikes are very popular for endurance training because they are easy to use and very effective. Regardless of whether it is an exercise bike, ergometer or cross trainer, all these training devices have in common that they not only represent gentle fitness training for the joints (thus reducing stress), but are also great for reducing body weight. Discover our large selection of training equipment now. With us you will not only find an elliptical machine or an ergometer, but also different models of a treadmill.

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