Large selection of AIREX products - yoga & exercise mats, balance pads, accessories & more! Many models such as FITLINE, CORONELLA, HERCULES, etc..


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Sports mats, exercise mats, balance pads, hand trainers and accessories: AIREX is the world's leading manufacturer of everything that can be made from foam in the area of sports and fitness.

  1. Airex® Yoga Matte Schultergurt
    Airex® Yoga Matte Schultergurt
    Immediately available
  2. AIREX® Yoga ECO Grip Mat
    AIREX® Yoga ECO Grip Mat
    Immediately available
  3. AIREX® Yoga ECO Cork Mat
    AIREX® Yoga ECO Cork Mat
    Immediately available
  4. AIREX® Balance-Pad Cloud
    AIREX® Balance-Pad Cloud
    Immediately available
  5. Airex® Balance-Beam
    Airex® Balance-Beam
    Immediately available
  6. Airex® Bag
    Airex® Bag
    Immediately available
  7. Airex® Gymnastic Mat ATLAS
    Airex® Gymnastic Mat ATLAS
    Immediately available
  8. Airex® Balance-Pad Elite
    Airex® Balance-Pad Elite
    Immediately available
  9. AIREX® Yoga Mat CALYANA® Professional,
    AIREX® Yoga Mat CALYANA® Professional,
    Discontinued item: Only 3 left in stock
  10. AIREX® Balance-pad Solid
    AIREX® Balance-pad Solid
    Immediately available
  11. AIREX® Balance-Pad Mini
    AIREX® Balance-Pad Mini
    Soon available again
  12. AIREX® Balance-Pad
    AIREX® Balance-Pad
    Only 3 left in stock
  13. AIREX® Wall Suspension 2 Pole
    AIREX® Wall Suspension 2 Pole
    Immediately available

Items 1-30 of 33

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AIREX - world market leader in gymnastics mats & special foam

Why special foam? Because the closed-cell foam has some special properties that are particularly important in physiotherapy, club sports, rehabilitation and school sports. What are the product characteristics of the range and especially the AIREX exercise mats? The products include:

  • non-slip
  • skin-friendly
  • water repellent
  • hygienic & antibacterial

Gentle on tendons and joints due to the supportive cushioning

The special foams that AIREX uses for this are developed by the company itself. They are particularly characterized by their damping properties, durability and easy-care surface structure.

AIREX: high quality and long experience

AIREX AG was founded in Sins in Switzerland in 1956. The company headquarters is still there today. AIREX already produced the first gym mats in 1960 - at that time the mats were already made of foam. The company was already a leader in the development of the structured foam core during the early 1960s. A new manufacturing process for closed-cell foam cores has been developed and introduced. Soft foam production started at AIREX in 1975. In 1980 the manufacturer pioneered the continuous extension of light polymer foam sheets, which also led to the improvement of sports mats. In 2006 AIREX celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. And in 2012 a new generation of exercise mats was launched, which is still available on the market today.

The impressive product range from AIREX

The AIREX gymnastics mat in its impressive quality and durability is the best known product from AIREX. The leading product lines include CORONELLA, FITLINE and ATLAS. But more can be easily made from closed-cell foam with the cushioning properties. And that's why the brand has it too

  • the AIREX balance pad,
  • the AIREX hand trainer,
  • the AIREX Pilatus & yoga mat,
  • the AIREX balance beam,
  • the AIREX Multishape Board
  • and lots of accessories such as wall brackets, eyelets, carrying bags and more

Releases. Incidentally, all products of the AIREX brand comply with the legal regulations regarding the ingredients and adhere to the preventive measures for accident prevention.