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Matching weightlifting collars are very important in weightlifting training. Because the weightlifting collars guarantee a high level of security when training with a barbell or dumbbell. In our shop you will find different versions of weightlifting collars with different diameters (30 mm and 50 mm), as well as in different locking systems (quick lock, snap lock, spring lock, adjusting rings etc.). Discover our large selection of weightlifting collars in high quality and practice safe and effective training in the gym, at home or in sports training at home.

Buy sturdy & high-quality weightlifting collars

What weightlifting collars are there?

Weightlifting collars are especially needed for weight training. Because the weight locks secure the weight plates or weight plates and prevent the weights from slipping. There are weightlifting collars for barbell bars with a diameter of 30 mm and for barbell bars with a diameter of 50 mm.

There are numerous types of weightlifting collars or closure systems. One can differentiate between the clamp weightlifting collars and screw weightlifting collars. To use screw caps you need a barbell bar with thread or thread profile on the weight holder. The star weightlifting collars are available as screw caps. The star weightlifting collars are characterized by a particularly high level of security with which the rod can be held. The thread prevents the weight from slipping sideways. For this reason, this locking system is particularly suitable for training beginners, but also for training with heavy weights. Locking systems for smooth barbell bars without thread are clamp locks. Compared to the star locks or screw locks, the clamp locks have the advantage that they are easier and faster when changing weights. The weightlifting collars are also available as clamp weightlifting collars. These are very strong to hold but also quickly change the weight plates.

Buying weightlifting collars

Our weightlifting collars stand out among others by the following advantages or properties:

  • Resilient, robust & durable
  • For different diameters (30 mm and 50 mm)
  • Guarantee for high security
  • Quick and easy assembly or application of weights with our dumbbell locks
  • Various weight plate systems (clamp weightlifting collars & screw weightlifting collars)
  • High quality materials of the dumbbell fasteners (chromed steel, plastic or rubber)
  • Stable handle, which fits comfortably in the hand when put on
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