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tanga sports® Jump rope Fit
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Skipping ropes are very effective training devices that are used in many areas of sport to train e.g. Endurance, stamina and strength are used. Jumping rope is particularly popular with children in fitness training, competitive sports or professional training and in the leisure area. With us you will find a large selection of different skipping ropes in high quality and at affordable prices. Discover the right skipping rope now and jump in the interval training with the jump rope fit.

Large selection of robust & high quality skipping ropes

The skipping rope sport

Skipping rope is no longer just a very popular training method for improving endurance, strength endurance, coordination, speed and muscles (e.g. in interval training), but the skipping rope sport is an independent competitive sport. This competitive sport is organized under the umbrella of the German Gymnastics Association and since 2013 jumping has been a fixed discipline for the German Sports Badge. A popular training method with jumps on a rope in the fitness area, as well as for boxers, is interval training. Skipping rope is also called skipping.

Effects of skipping rope training

The skipping rope sport is a real all-rounder and exercises with the rope are among others. used in competitive sports training, fitness training, school sports, leisure and therapy (physiotherapy, rehabilitation). Exercises or jumps on a skipping rope improve, among other things. these aspects:

  • Endurance and strength endurance
  • coordination
  • speed
  • Muscle building and stimulation of special muscle groups (e.g. core muscles or muscles in the legs and arms)
  • condition
  • Wrist mobility
  • High calorie consumption

Training with a skipping rope or jumping over the skipping rope is an effective whole-body training or workout for the entire body (not just for the legs) with high calorie consumption, since especially the cardiovascular system trains the body and the fat burning ( high calorie consumption). For example, you burn as many calories in a 30 minute jogging session as in 10 minute skipping rope.

Where can I use skipping rope?

The areas of application of the skipping rope are almost unlimited. In the past, skipping rope was mostly only carried out with children. In the meantime, the skipping rope has become part of the basic equipment of every fitness studio, as well as every training session for athletes. In their free time, the skipping ropes are also very popular with young and older athletes. Because you don't need any previous experience or special skills to skipping rope. The handling or use of a skipping rope is easy to explain and easy to understand for both children and adults. In addition, you can do the skipping rope sport both indoors and outdoors and the skipping rope can be adapted to any body size.

What length of skipping rope suits me?

When buying a skipping rope, several properties are crucial. Among other things, you have to decide for a certain rope length. You can easily determine the optimal rope length by placing your feet in the middle of the rope and then pulling it vertically with your arms. Exercise ropes without handles (e.g. wooden handles) should be up to chest height, fitness ropes with handles (e.g. wooden handles) down to the armpits. If you do not have a rope at hand when buying a skipping rope, you can easily do the following calculation: Height + 91.5 cm. If you have a body size of less than 1.67 cm, then only 85.5 cm must be added. However, you should note that these values are only an orientation or standard values for the rope length. When buying a skipping rope, your own physical constitution should always be included.

What types of skipping ropes are there?

A distinction is made between the following basic types of skipping ropes:

  • Gym ropes: These types of skipping ropes are the classic ropes that are often known from childhood. The exercise ropes are made of hemp or cotton. Due to the soft material, this model is particularly suitable for children and beginners.
  • Swing Ropes: This type of skipping rope is a longer version of an exercise rope. The swing rope can be swung at its ends by 2 people. A third person or several people can skip in the middle over the skipping rope.
  • Leather skipping ropes: This rope is significantly thinner than gymnastic ropes and swing ropes. Due to its thin nature or profile, the leather skipping rope is ideally suited for high-frequency rope training. The leather skipping rope is mainly popular with boxers and boxers and is characterized by extreme robustness and durability.
  • Speed Ropes: The Speed Rope consists of a wire or steel, which is coated with plastic (plastic sheathing) and has handles with ball bearings. With Speed Ropes you can achieve a higher speed in training and the training will be even more intensive for you. This type of skipping rope with a sheathing is also a very thin profile and is particularly suitable for professionals in skipping rope sport.
  • Beaded Rope: The type of skipping rope is made of nylon and has sleeves on plastic. The Beaded Rope will certainly remind you of a pearl necklace due to its appearance. The trajectory of these skipping ropes is more stable because the beaded rope is heavier than the other types of skipping ropes. This rope is not suitable for beginners or beginners of the skipping rope sport.
  • Digital skipping ropes: The digital skipping ropes are made of PVC and have a built-in counter. With these ropes you can easily have your jumps counted and thus you know about your current performance level. With this type of skipping rope, your motivation for skipping rope is always reawakened and retained.

Basically, one can say that beginners or beginners in skipping rope sport should use heavy skipping ropes with a stable trajectory. A professional and a competitive athlete who use the skipping ropes almost daily should use lighter ropes. We also recommend the use of skipping ropes made of a soft material on sensitive floors or surfaces, such as parquet or polyurethane. Because wire ropes or steel ropes damage such floors.

Buy great skipping ropes

The skipping ropes in our range are characterized, among others, based on these advantages and properties:

  • Robust and resilient
  • Extremely durable
  • High quality of manufacture or materials (plastic, nylon, PVC, cotton, hemp, steel cables or steel, etc.)
  • Different diameters (thick and thin)
  • Different lengths or dimensions
  • With or without handles (e.g. wooden handles)
  • With additional functions, such as digital counting function
  • Great colors of the skipping ropes
  • Very good jumping properties & swinging properties (very good swinging)
  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant haptics when swinging
  • Skin-friendly
  • Suitable for different surfaces
  • With ball bearings or without ball bearings
  • Light weight
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