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The steppers are real wonders in saving space. Some models of the stepper take up almost no space and you can still carry out a very effective training or strength and endurance training. In our shop you will find a large selection of different high-quality stepper fitness equipment from well-known brands and manufacturers and at a great price, such as Horizon Fitness.

Resilient stepmils in high quality

What do I train with a stepmils?

A stepmils is a practical fitness device or training device and imitates the movement or movement sequence of climbing stairs (steps, as well as the step board). The stepmils is also often called an elliptical machine. The stepmils (or elliptical cross trainer) is available in different sizes, whereby all sizes of the stepmils fitness device represent optimal endurance training and joint-gentle training of the muscles (function of muscle building) (as well as training with a stepping board). Most stepmils mainly use the muscles or the muscles of the legs (leg muscles) and the buttocks (glutes). In addition, you train or exercise your back and your posture with a stepmils by maintaining balance during training. Depending on the version or model of the Stepmils fitness device, the arms must be carried along in the movement or movement sequence by means of handrails or handles and thus the arms or the upper body are also trained. Training with the stepmils is associated with high calorie consumption. With the stepmils you can determine the intensity or the load of each step through different resistance levels or levels of the load. The Stepmils fitness machines are perfect training devices for at home or ideal exercise bikes. Because only a short training duration (e.g. training duration of approx. 15 minutes) is very effective. Training with this sports device is also suitable for beginners and aerobic training.

What are the advantages of a stepmils fitness machine?

Stepmils are characterized by the advantage that the devices are very space-saving. Especially in small apartments or gyms, these fitness devices take up little space and you can still train very effectively. Another advantage of the stepmils is that the devices are particularly good at combating pain in the lower back (lumbar region or intervertebral discs). For this reason, stepmils are often used in physiotherapy or rehabilitation. Because with a stepmils these complaints or pain can be combated and prevented. The movement of the legs on the stepmils releases tension, the muscles are positively addressed and trained, and endurance, coordination and concentration are promoted and improved.

Buying stepmils

Our stepmils are characterized by by the following advantages or properties:

  • Resilient & robust
  • Durable
  • High quality of manufacture and materials
  • Stable
  • Profile frame with protectors to protect the floor
  • Handy & practical (can be used anywhere)
  • Space-saving
  • Different dimensions or sizes (also mini stepmils)
  • With or without handles for the hands or steering (handrails or handles)
  • Different levels of drag
  • Magnetic braking system
  • Rubberized feet or treads (good grip of the treads)
  • Easy operation from the training computer
  • Models with time, calories, distance, heart rate, revolutions or minutes, resistance
  • Light weight

Versatile and optimal full body training (gentle on the joints) possible (especially the leg muscles or thighs, muscle groups of the feet & buttocks).

Discover our large selection of different models of the Stepmils fitness equipment and carry out a great home training or workout at home, in the fitness studio, during sports in a club, in physiotherapy or rehabilitation by purchasing the right sports equipment.

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