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With a rowing machine you can complete an effective full body workout and training for your condition and endurance. When rowing, all muscles or muscle groups of the body are addressed. In our shop you will find a large selection of different rowing machines in high quality and at a great price. Our rowing machines and fitness equipment enable effective fitness training for professional and recreational athletes.

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What should I train with a rowing machine?

With a rowing machine you can do a full body workout. Because the movement sequence when rowing or the use of arms (upper body training) and legs when moving back and forth on the oar seat (rowing technique) or rowing during rowing training stress the entire body or all muscles and muscle groups of the entire body. The rowing machine is not only used to build muscle, but you also improve your endurance and strength with this training device or with rowing training. So you can use the rowing machine or this fitness device for a complete workout in the gym and not only strengthen your muscles, but also consume many calories (increased fat consumption and calorie consumption), strengthen your cardiovascular system (as with an ergometer or cross trainer, too) Called rowing ergometer), improve your posture (especially from the back) and prevent postural damage to the back, as well as muscular tension. Overall, one can say that rowing or a training session with this fitness device is very effective.

Other advantages of a rowing machine

A rowing machine is not only a training for the whole body, but the training or the movement with a rowing machine is also extremely easy on the joints. Because during the training or workout you sit with the rowing machine on the oar seat (rowing technique) and push back and forth with your arms (upper body training) and legs. Jumps or rotations that are stressful for the joints are completely eliminated. However, beginners should first be shown the rowing technique. Because incorrectly executed rowing movements inexperienced beginners can also lead to complaints.

Characteristics of a rowing machine

A rowing machine can have the following properties, which you should consider when buying and depending on the purpose of your desired rowing machine:

  • Resistance system or braking system: The rowing machine can have an air resistance, a water resistance, a magnetic brake, a hydraulic system or an induction brake as a resistance system or braking system. In the case of a rowing machine with the drag system of air resistance, the braking force is regulated with air. The resistance is increased by the intensity of the train. The advantage of rowing machines with air resistance is that you can use this model regardless of a power source. In a rowing machine with the resistance system of a water resistance, the resistance over water or the amount of water filling is determined as the name suggests. This creates a particularly realistic feeling when exercising and you really have the impression that you are rowing in the water. Even with this type of resistor, you don't need a power source. With a rowing machine with a magnetic brake or with a magnetic brake system, the resistance can be set in different levels (resistance levels. The individual levels of a magnetic brake system (resistance levels) or resistance can be operated quietly and evenly. The disadvantage of this model, however, is that You need a power source for training. In a rowing machine with an induction brake, the resistance is established via a flywheel. A magnet coil is attached to the flywheel and the magnetic field can then be influenced by the power supply. The following applies: The more current gets into the system, the greater the resistance when rowing, in a rowing machine with hydraulic system the resistance is driven by liquid and a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Folding rowing machine: If you have little space in your gym or exercise room at home, it is advisable to buy a folding rowing machine. The foldable rowing machines can be stowed away in a space-saving manner after training and can be easily dismantled and set up. You can also easily transport the folded rowing machine.
  • Boom and cable pull technology: To move with your arms while rowing, you need either a boom or a cable pull on your rowing machine. With a rowing machine with a cable, the hands pull on a cable handle when rowing. A cable system leads to a movement with long arms and a very smooth rowing movement. On a rowing machine with a boom system, you have a handle on the right and left with which you can make a circular rowing movement.
  • Pulse measurement: A rowing machine can be equipped with a training computer or screen, via which training data such as pulse, time, distance traveled, as well as the number of strokes and the calories consumed are displayed. With an integrated pulse measurement on the rowing machine, you can carry out heart rate-oriented training (also called rowing ergometer), as with an ergometer or cross trainer.

Buying a rowing machine

The rowing machines in our shop are characterized by by the following advantages or properties:

  • Resilient and robust
  • Durable devices
  • High quality materials and manufacturing of the devices (powder coated, aluminum, steel)
  • Light weight
  • Different models with different dimensions or sizes
  • High maximum load during the training session
  • With or without a screen or training computer
  • Models with different train movements (boom or cable technology)
  • Seats with high seating comfort
  • Different versions with different resistance systems
  • Battery powered models
  • Easy assembly and dismantling, as well as easy transport (sometimes also with transport rollers)
  • High grip on the handles
  • Can only be used indoors
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