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The brand BOSU is known for the BOSU balance trainer and is actually equated with the BOSU ball. This is an inflatable, symmetrical hemisphere made of rubber, which can be used extremely versatile and extensively in the areas of cardio, strength, yoga and pilates training. BOSU stands for “both sides utilized” and means that the “half ball” can be used on both sides - and that is exactly what makes the BOSU balance trainer so unique. The demanding and fun training with the balance trainer is suitable for all age groups. Due to the materials used, the BOSU ball can be easily cleaned with water and a cloth.

Comprehensive training with the BOSU balance trainer

BOSU Ball - a full body workout

Originally developed for purely medical purposes, the BOSU ball now has a permanent place in fitness studios, clubs and in private homes. While the training devices were initially used by physiotherapists to improve the quality of movement of their patients, even top athletes now use the curved training device for their targeted athletic training. The exercises on the flexible hemisphere not only train all the main muscle groups, but especially the fine sub-muscles can be built up very effectively through the necessary balancing of the wobbling movements. The level of difficulty can be varied depending on the strength of the BOSU ball. The possible uses are very diverse, so the BOSU balance trainers are the ideal training device for:

  • Balance training
  • Stability training
  • Strength and endurance training
  • Coordination training
  • Specific core and abdominal muscle training

The BOSU range

Due to the success of the first balance trainer, BOSU developed further versions of your popular product, which differ in particular in different degrees of hardness. The BOSU balance trainer NexGen also has handles, which allows even more exercise options and movement sequences. All balance trainers have a non-slip surface and recessed valves, so that the safest possible use can be guaranteed. Clever storage options such as the storage rack and the PowerStax, which enables several BOSU balance trainers to be stacked, complete the BOSU range.

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