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The jump in the pole vault takes place with help of a pole vault box, it is crucial for the success of the entire jump: if the pole vaulter can optimally position the pole within the pole vault box, then the whole jump is more likely to be a success. Various pole vault boxes for the stadium and hall, competition and training can be found in the Kübler Sport Online Shop.

Pole vault boxes for pole vault

Pole vault: the most technically demanding discipline in athletics

The positioning of the pole in the pole vault box is part of the jump and is one of the crucial elements of a jump. It takes place in the so-called pole vault box, which is located in the floor in front of the pole vault mat. The athlete lifts the pole during his start and lowers the end of the pole into the pole vault box. As a result the athlete can bend the pole and will then get catapulted upwards.

Dimensions of a pole vault box

The pole vault box is located in front of the pole vault mat and the crossbar. It is level with the run-up track and has soft upper edges. According to the requirements of the international competition rules, a pole vault box must be 1.00 m long (measured along the inside) and 60cm wide at the front, tapering down to 15cm. The angle between the floor and the bulkhead must be 105 °, the outer walls lean outwards at a 120 ° angle. The vertical depth of the pole vault box must be 20 cm.

High-quality pole vault boxes for an optimal jump

At Kübler Sport you will find weatherproof pole vault boxes made of stainless steel and GRP for installation in pole vaulting systems outdoors. Our IAAF-certified stainless-steel pole vault box also has pipes for drainage. To keep the pole vault box clean and dry and to prevent possible stumbling, covers for both pole vault boxes are also available in our shop.

Inside pole vaulting

Pole vaulting can also be practiced inside. For this, Kübler Sport offers you a special insertion box made of GRP for pole vaulting indoors. Our practice insertion box made of plastic is suitable for training the jump, which can be used both for training indoors and outdoors. The practice insertion box is not permanently installed, but can also be used for mobile weighting thanks to the receptacles for weight plates.

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