Outdoor Vault Box, FRP

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Outdoor Vault Box, FRP

Weatherproof cover for vaulting box made of glass fibre reinforced plastic for pole vaulting. Please order the matching cover L2598 separately.

Product features:
- puncture box for pole vault
- Material: fiberglass reinforced plastic
- Weatherproof
- With integrated frame for mounting a GRP cover plate: L2598
- Front side with installation trace
- Built-in dowels

The pole vault is one of the jumping disciplines of athletics. With an elastic bar, a bar is skipped. The jumper holds the staff in his hand and starts to run. The rod tip is guided to the puncture box and the jump takes place. This is followed by the movement phases of intrusion, curling, crossing the lath bar, and landing on the pole vault mat.

In the Kübler Sport® online shop you will find many articles and the right accessories for the pole vault. Whether pole vaulting pole, pole vaulting posts, and pole vaulting poles or a complete pole vaulting system - we will gladly make you an offer according to your requirements. We offer pole vaulting mats for training and IAAF certified sports equipment for the competition. For children and beginners we recommend jump lines and Zacharias slats for a safe and fear-free entry into the high jump and pole vault.
Product information
Package length
130 cm
Package width
60 cm
Package height
20 cm
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glass fiber reinforced plastic
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