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When practicing high jump, the jumper only has to jump over the highest possible crossbar using his own jumping power. A soft high jump mat, which catches the fall of the jumper, ensures a soft landing. At Kübler Sport you will find the right high jump mat for your needs, whether for international top competitions, for training or for school sports.

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Land softly thanks to high jump mats

High jump techniques

There are different techniques to cross the crossbar during the high jump. The only rule when jumping is that you have to jump with one leg. In the meantime, the Fosbury flop has prevailed, in which you start in a curve and jump over the bar with your head first and your back down. Before the flop was invented, jumping was in the shear or tome. With the shear jump you jump off to the side of the mat and pass your legs one after the other over the crossbar, with the tome you jump off with the leg close to the mat and cross the crossbar with your belly to the crossbar. No matter which technique the runner chooses, a soft landing through a high jump mat or a high jump cushion should be given.


Structure of high jump mats

Kübler Sport offers you high quality high jump mats for school sports, training or competitions. For international athletics competitions, the high jump mat must not be less than 6 x 4 x 0.70 m, for other competitions not less than 5 x 3 x 0.70 m. For beginners and school sports, however, smaller mats are completely sufficient.

At Kübler Sport you will find high jump mats with various foam core systems. Our high jump cushions Standard and Euro in the monoblock system consist of large foam blocks that ensure a soft landing. The high jump mats Aero WM-Type A and Aero WM-Type B have a hollow chamber system, in which hollow channels run through the foam blocks, through which the air escapes faster for a softer landing. In our mat aero with double hollow chamber system, the channels are arranged transversely to each other for an even softer landing. With each mat system, there is a foam wear mat covered with a mesh cover that protects the actual foam blocks from the spikes.


The right protection for your high jump equipment

High jump mats have to come up against various weather conditions and usually cannot simply be stowed away for storage in an equipment room. Our slatted frames made of aluminum or wood protect your system from below and are therefore the perfect underlay for your high-jump cushion, which prevent the mat from slipping and protects it from moisture from below.

In order to protect the mat from rain, dirt and vandalism, you will also find the right rain protection tarpaulins, as well as movable and lowerable covers made of sheet metal or aluminum.


High jump inside

For high jumps in the hall, instead of a hall jump cushion, a system can also be constructed from several soft floor mats and a wear mat cover. For this purpose, two soft floor mats (300x200 cm) stacked on top of each other are placed next to each other and covered with a wear mat slip lid, so that a total height of at least 70cm is achieved.


All other elements of a high jump system can also be found in our range. We offer you a large selection of diving boards, high jump stands as well as training, equipment and competition accessories.