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At Kübler Sport you will find different starting block models for your swimming pool. The starting blocks are all characterized by high-quality, stable and non-slip processing. In addition, the blocks are very robust, adjustable and a track start can be attached to the surface. In our assortment you will definitely find the right starting block for your swimming pool or indoor pool.

High-quality non-slip starting blocks for swimming pools

What are starting blocks at indoor and outdoor swimming pools?

A starting block or base is part of the standard equipment of every good swimming pool and swimming sport. Whether recreational swimmer or professional competitive athlete, everyone dives elegantly into the water with the help of a plunge from the starting block. Starting blocks enable a professional immersion in the water or a good opportunity for a perfect back start when swimming back and are a must-have in the training and competition of every competitive athlete in swimming. We have starting blocks that can be adjusted to different heights and have side handles. You will find numbering on the sides of the starting blocks.


What is a Track Start?

Starting blocks can be bought with a track start or without a fastening with the track start. A track start is a 20 cm long footrest that has a maximum inclination of 30 degrees. The track start element is located in the rear half of the starting block. With this element, the swimmer can push himself even better off the starting block. The track start on the starting block gives the swimmers an even more stable hold and brings them into the correct starting position. If you want to organize a competition in your swimming facility in accordance with the requirements of the DSV and official regulations of the DSV, you need not only timing devices but also numbered starting blocks.


Buying a non-slip starting block in high-quality

The possibilities when buying a starting block are very large. You can buy a starting block for your swimming facility or swimming pool in accordance with the official regulations with numbering, side handles and the prescribed angle, or a block that provides more fun and opportunities for families or bathers in your swimming facility. All starting blocks in the Kübler Sport online shop are robust and suitable for permanent use at the edge of the swimming pool. They also comply with the official regulations and requirements of the FINA and the DSV. The starting blocks have an extra high stability, are provided with an anti-slip surface and have a holding device for the back start. The blocks have the perfect angle and high quality and are made of stainless steel with plastic elements. With the Kübler Sport starting blocks, you make the right choice for your training and competition in the swimming pool or for family fun and equip your indoor pool, swimming pool, outdoor pool or pool with the right starting device with a large step area and platform.

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