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Do you have any tension or pain in the neck or between the shoulders and therefore a headache? Then you should try the treatment or massage with a trigger point device (trigger point massage) and do something good for your body or your health. Our trigger point devices are not only very high quality and treat every trigger point, but can also be used by a therapist as well as by an unskilled person (for self-massage). With our trigger point devices, pain and hardening can be significantly reduced!

  1. Erzi® Woodroll Trigger Set
    Erzi® Woodroll Trigger Set
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    TMX® Trigger original plus
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  3. TMX® Trigger original
    TMX® Trigger original
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  4. pedalo® Fascia Sticks
    pedalo® Fascia Sticks
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  5. Backnobber® II
    Backnobber® II
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6 Items

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High quality trigger point devices for a quick release of tension

What are trigger points?

Trigger points are an uncomfortable affair and are also called myofascial trigger points. These are myofascial muscle tension or hardening of the muscle groups or fascia e.g. a tight neck or between the shoulders. The tension and hardening can lead to pain and stiffness in the area of the muscle groups. A distinction is made between active, latent and associated trigger points. Trigger points are generally not dangerous, but they can have a major impact on quality of life. In trigger point therapy, the affected body areas or muscle groups or the affected pain point are massaged and pressed with pressure in order to reduce the symptoms of tension. Trigger point devices are nothing more than a type of massager and can be easily held in one hand or in both hands. Pain from trigger points can arise anywhere on the body (legs, back, buttocks, etc.) and can also arise from an overload during sport. Another fact on the side: trigger comes from the English and means "trigger". Trigger points trigger complaints.


How do trigger points arise?

Trigger points are nothing more than muscle thickening, i.e. muscles or muscle groups that have poor circulation and are tense. The trigger points arise, for example, from long-term incorrect posture, trauma in an accident or other event, or psychological stress. This pain from trigger points is not only uncomfortable, but can also radiate to other areas. For example, a painful trigger point on the shoulder, radiating into the head and eventually leading to a headache. Trigger points are easy to feel and are often felt as real “knobs” under the skin.


What is trigger point therapy or trigger point massage?

Treatment with trigger point devices or trigger tools (massage device) can be used to combat trigger points or tense muscles. Trigger point therapy is a method that is very similar to massage. The trigger tools are available in different sizes. The size of the trigger point device is based on the extent of the painful trigger point. After the point has been located, it is massaged with the appropriate trigger point device on the affected area or on the tissue and muscle for some time. Thus the pain is massaged with the trigger point device. The myofascial trigger point is released and the muscle is freed from its contraction. Thanks to the different sized trigger point devices, you can work with different intensities. Trigger point devices are not only used by physiotherapists for patients and have provided many positive experiences there, but the devices are also used in leisure time or during self-massage.


Buying a trigger tool

Trigger tools can not only be used by professional therapists in physiotherapy or rehabilitation, but everyone can use the trigger point devices in everyday life in the office, while traveling or at home (for self-massage). You can use the trigger point devices while lying, sitting or standing. The trigger tools are also available in a practical set, so that you have the right product to trigger for every tension or fascial dysbalance.

Whether you are an athlete or an office worker (for self-massage) - you will definitely find the right trigger point device with us, with which all trigger points can be released and everyday pain or pain points (e.g. back pain) can disappear. Discover our trigger tools now and simply order the right product for trigger point therapy in our shop.