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Kübler Sport® Handball Goal BASIC
Kübler Sport® Handball Goal BASIC
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Handball sport is a popular team sport for all age groups: handball is a very dynamic sport that not only promotes fitness, but also demands coordination and endurance from the players. The focus of the handball game is of course the two handball goals that make this possible. A handball goal has the following goal size: a height of 2 meters and a width of 3 meters. The goals are internationally standardized for competition, which means that they must have exactly these dimensions. In addition, the post and crossbar must be made of the same material. Wood or light metal is preferred. Smaller handball goals can of course also be used for training purposes or in the youth sector, in school sports or in clubs.

Handball goals - ideal for schools, clubs & competition

What is a handball goal made of?

The structure of a handball goal is very reminiscent of a football goal: It consists of a rectangular goal frame (aluminum), net brackets that act as a net suspension and a goal net. In addition to the net hoop, tension ropes can also be used to suspend the handball goal nets. The net is then usually attached with appropriate net hooks. In the case of a handball goal, the goal post and crossbar must be painted in two contrasting colors. Mostly these are the colors red and white, but other colors are also acceptable. The shape of the bars is square and they must have an edge length of 8 centimeters - that is what the international handball rules state. It is also particularly important to secure the gate accordingly, which can be done in different ways.

Not all handball goals are the same

If you want to buy handball goals, you can basically choose between the following types:

  • Handball goals with ground sockets
  • Gates with wall mounting
  • portable handball goals

Handball goals with a fixed position can be secured using ground sockets or wall mounting. An additional option is to screw them to the floor. Securing it against tipping over and slipping is, however, urgently recommended in order to minimize the risk of injury - especially for the goalkeeper. Mobile handball goals are also suitable for short-term use. They are usually free-standing and are characterized by their flexibility. In this way, the handball goals can be set up in different places and put away again when not in use. This type of handball goal offers a high level of stability and stability even without additional security.

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